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Fireplace Design Plans

Fireplace Design Plans
If you are thinking of adding a fireplace to your house, you need some fireplace designs. Here, we are going to discuss different fireplace designs and help you choose the best one for your house.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2018
Installing a fireplace in your home whether indoors or outdoors is a great way to beat the winter chill. There are many designs and styles of fireplaces and you need one that will suit your budget as well as design sensibilities.
Fireplace In Living Room
A fireplace in the living room or study can become the focal point of that room and you can build the rest of the decor around it.
Fireplaces can be traditional or non traditional in design. Traditional fireplace designs are most suited for large country-style or Victorian style houses. Contemporary and modern fireplace designs are better suited for apartments and lofts.
Traditional Fireplace Designs
Modern Living Room With Brick Fireplace
Traditional fireplace designs works well with large spacious rooms that are characteristics of country-style architecture. Traditional fireplaces made with stones and bricks are the most popular.
Formal Living Room With Fireplace
Fireplaces built with clay bricks and quarry or river stones impart a earthiness to the decor that no other element can. These natural materials comes in a variety of color and textures to suit every home owner's design and budget.
Christmas Living Room
If you prefer something more majestic and ornate, then why not opt for a Victorian or Italian Renaissance design in fireplaces.
Christmas Living Room
These fireplaces are custom-made and they are made with travertine stones with a contrasting marble mantelpiece to give it a really opulent look. The stone hearth with classic carvings make such fireplaces the focal point in your living room.
Living Room At Night
When you choose such fireplace design plans for your room, make sure that the decor is truly reflective of it by using velvet draperies, plush upholstery and antique furniture.
Contemporary Fireplace Designs
Luxury living room
When you are living in a two bedroom apartment, you will need modern fireplace design ideas that will match the decor of your home.
A minimalistic home decor with chrome and steel fittings and abstract paintings will not match an opulent Victorian style fireplace. So you need a modern fireplace design for your home.
Living Room Fireplace
The best designs in fireplaces that are suitable for a modern apartment are against the wall fireplaces that comes with a rectangular design and has a zinc finish. This type of design makes mounting TV over fireplace easier.
For the true minimalist who has a penchant for sleek and avant-garde designs, nothing can beat the elegance of a suspended fireplace. A suspended fireplace is the latest in contemporary fireplace design and is a must have design element in any home.
A suspended fireplace as the name suggests is a fireplace that has a long and narrow chimney with a rounded hearth that does not touch the floor. The hearth can rotate fully and this fireplace gives you the impression of it floating on air.
This kind of suspended fireplace design do not have any fireplace mantels and are a far cry from the traditional fireplaces. Installing this kind of suspended fireplace is of course quite expensive and will require the services of a skilled professional.
Cozy By The Fire
If you want something a little less expensive but also elegant, you can opt for a stone fireplace with a backsplash of colorful tiles. Fireplace mantel designs can also be decided based on the pattern of the tiles, wherein you can go for a geometric or floral motif.
Backyard Deck
If you cannot install a fireplace inside the house, then you can construct an outdoor fireplace. There are many great outdoor fireplace designs as well which can be constructed at an affordable price.
Outdoor fireplace designs have evolved from fire pits and fireboxes that were seen earlier. As you have seen there are myriads of fireplace designs, ultimately your fireplace design plans have to be chosen keeping your home decor in mind.