Finishing Basement Walls

Mamta Mule Dec 11, 2018
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If you are planning to use your basement as another room, then you might probably need to re-look at it and work on its interior. Basement walls are the major element of this process. Here are some ideas on finishing basement walls.
The basement is usually a place utilized by many for storage or laundry. Many a time this space goes waste and becomes a collection of spider webs. With the increasing quantity of items in your house you might find shortage of area.
In such a case, one might plan to find a bigger home or add up your lawn or patio area to your house in order to fit the household items. While you look at these options, the basements are often forgotten. Yes, the basement can make a classic extension to your house and accommodate many more things.
Working up the walls is an essential part of remodeling this area. Here are some ideas for finishing basement walls which you can implement and have a classic area ready to be used just like any other room in your house.

Best Options for Finishing the Walls of the Basement

First of all, you must keep all the materials required for doing this in the basement itself. This is because, the basement will probably have a single entrance and staircase, which might make it difficult to transport the tools and material downstairs over and over again; and it might also consume a lot of time.

Wiring and Plumbing

Before you start painting the walls, remember to finish off the wiring for electrical outlets and switches. Also, finish off any plumbing work before you go for further wall finishing. In case of a drywall, opt for drywall screws instead of nails.
You can opt for acoustic tiles which are one of the best ways to soundproof the ceiling. These not only block sound transmission but help hide wires and pipes. These help to access plumbing and electrical wiring without any need of destroying any parts of the wall and ceiling.


The walls will usually be damp. So get a drywall installed and get rid of the problem. You need to measure the total area of walls to get an estimate of the expenses of installing a drywall.
You can follow the drywall installation tips and techniques or hire professionals to work on it. Once the drywall is installed, you can opt for various drywall finishing techniques.


Painting the walls is the most important part of remodeling a basement. Make sure that the basement has light, cool shades. You must completely avoid dark shades.
Opting for faux painting techniques is a great way to finish the walls. The various painting techniques for wall are sponge, rag roll, pressing, combing, and color washing.

Wallpaper and Curtains

Opting for wallpapers is also a wonderful idea. These are available in various patterns and colors so you will definitely find a perfect one for your basement walls. Another idea is to add curtains to one of the painted walls.
You can add netted, transparent or dark curtains to the wall, extending from the floor to the ceiling which will give a feeling of height to the area. These can be used as a partition for larger basements.
With the aforementioned ideas, you can easily spruce-up your basement area and have a great looking room to use. Make sure you fix all the shelves, lamps, and other fixtures on the wall before you start finishing them. Explore your creativity and give a grand look to the walls.
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