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Fiberglass Shower Pans

Scholasticus K Nov 17, 2018
Using do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas for your home is almost always more convenient and cost-effective. One such DIY idea that can be implemented to improve the interior of your bathroom is installing fiberglass shower pans.
A fiberglass shower pan is installed below the shower to facilitate the outflow of water and is made of fiberglass. Another useful feature of the fibreglass shower pan is that it prevents the entire bathroom from getting wet.
This material is similar to carbon fiber and is quite strong and as a result, it rarely breaks or develops cracks in it. Its maintenance is also easier as compared to the tiled shower pans.

Types of Shower Pans

Fiberglass shower pans are broadly classified into four categories:
Standard Pan

It has a very simple design. It is rectangular in shape and has an outlet for the flow of water in the center. This is a very convenient design as can be installed into shower enclosures of any dimensions, as it is available in the market in different sizes.
Dirt and moisture accumulation that occur in many shower pans are very unhygienic, and it also reduces the life of the shower pan by causing a lot of erosion. However, this accumulation is totally eliminated when fiberglass pans are used as they do not have uneven corners.
Corner Pan

It is designed in a way that it can be fitted into inconvenient places, especially where the walls of the bathroom meet at right angles. Most companies manufacture corner shower pans in a pentagonal shape which looks attractive and artistic.
Corner Pan With a Seat

A very creative design manufacturers have come up with, this has a small fiberglass seat in one corner of the shower pan. But, due to its odd shape and structure, it can be installed in limited places.
L/R Standard Pan

This can be easily installed in most of the shower enclosures. Though it resembles a standard pan, it only differs in its square shape and has the water outlet situated to the extreme right or left corner.


Though the shower pans made up of fiberglass are crack-proof, they can be pretty delicate when it comes to corrosive cleaning agents and solutions; hence, one must avoid their usage. It is advisable to use soft and normal cleaning agents for these pans.
One must be very cautious while stepping on the pan that has just been washed with soap. The soapsuds that may be left on the surface of the pan act as a lubricant and reduce its friction coefficient, making it very slippery.
Do not cut or modify the fiberglass pan while installing it as the material is just like carbon fiber. If cut or modified, the pan will start cracking and you will need to buy a new one.

Clean your fiberglass shower pan every week if it has odd corners and niches as the moisture and dirt that accumulates in such positions become a breeding ground for germs.
Hope this information clears all your doubts about fiberglass shower pans and equips you with the tips you were looking for.