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How to Use Feng Shui to Decorate Your Home With Wood Elements

Feng Shui to Decorate With Wood Elements
The five vital elements of Feng Shui are water, wood, fire, metal, earth. Each element along with a specific color has a specific role in maintaining balance in one's life. Wood, signifying prosperity, gratitude, and appreciation, is a popular choice for home decoration. It is said to bring wealth and support to the family.
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Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019
Wooden Elephant
According to Feng Shui, the appropriate directions for wood element are east and south-east. The most suitable Feng Shui wood colors are green and brown.
The other colors that can be associated with wood are blue, black, and earthy. Red, purple, magenta, white, and gray should be avoided. One can decorate one's house with the Feng Shui wood element in many different ways.
Healthy green plant
As the color associated with wood element is green, there can be nothing greener than a lush green plant. Growing a plant in the window will not only enhance the beauty of the house, but it will also allow fresh air into the house.
Statues or models
Feng Shui animals are considered lucky and protective. One can decorate the house with various Feng Shui animal statues or models. It's not possible to decorate the bedroom with plants, thus statues can be used instead. An elephant, dragon, tortoise, blue rhino, etc., are some of the Feng Shui animals.
wall murals
Rooms of the house which cannot be decorated with Feng Shui elements can be decorated with wall murals. Paintings of nature as a theme can create a relaxing and carefree atmosphere in the house.
wodden budha
The wooden Buddha signifies happiness and wealth. Placing it in the house brings positive energy and creates a playful environment. The placement of the statue matters a lot. It should not be kept in the kitchen or the bathroom.
The living room (facing the main door), study room, study table, yoga room, etc., are the best places to keep a laughing Buddha statue.
wall color
If seems difficult to incorporate the wood element in the house, then the best option can be to paint the wall with the wood element color (green, brown, blue, etc.) The color one chooses can be associated with some other element too, only adding to the lucky charm in the house.
The sailboat, also called the wealth boat, is associated with the energies of wood and water. It is the most well-known wealth symbol after the dragon.
As the sailboat is associated with wealth, it should be kept near the main door facing inwards. This signifies that the boat brings wealth into the house. Some people even place coins in the sailboat.
cushion cover
Instead of using decorative wood element, one can also use it in an artistic form. Use wood element colors or entities in small decor items, like cushion covers, small paintings, curtains, etc.
wooden floor
What can be the best way to have a wood element in every corner of the house? Have a wooden flooring. It not only serves the purpose of having the wood element adorning the house, but it also looks elegant.
bamboo plant
The Feng Shui bamboo is not only a beautiful plant, but it also is said to bring peace and wise energy in the house. One should nurture the plant with love and care.
It includes all the five elements of Feng Shui - wood (as the plant is made of it), earth (the plant grows in soil), water (it needs water to grow), fire (it always has a red ribbon tied around it), metal (it grows in a pot signifying metal).
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which believes in tuning everything with the surroundings. Decorating your house with its elements is said to bring happiness, peace, and prosperity.