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Different Feng Shui Symbols and Their Meanings

Aastha Dogra Dec 12, 2018
The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui believes in maintaining harmony in our surroundings. Certain symbols, that Feng Shui endorses, help bring love, luck, and happiness into a person's life.
Feng shui is an ancient philosophical system which originated in China that is based on the belief that everybody in this universe―whether people, animals, things, or places―have a certain energy.
We feel this energy all around us, and it affects us mentally, physically, and spiritually. According to this philosophy, there are certain techniques which we can use to attract only the kind of energies that we want, while letting go off the ones that we do not want.
Certain symbols are used to harmonize the environment around us, and to attract positive forces and energies towards us. Different symbols are said to bring different positive forces in a person's life. Here is a list of the most prominent and commonly used symbols along with their meanings.


Gifting or receiving three coins wrapped in a red ribbon represents wealth. It brings positive energy and good luck to both the giver of the coins as well as the receiver.


Placing 3 goldfish in a glass bowl will bring wealth and prosperity. Goldfish are revered in the Chinese tradition, as they are the descendants of Koi Carp.
They are also considered very auspicious as it is believed that a goldfish lives for more than hundred years, bestowing care and love on people.


An image of power, the turtle is believed to be very knowledgeable. A turtle is believed to know all the secrets of the earth as well as heaven. In feng shui, a turtle is often shown with other animals to make the turtle appear even more powerful.


The dragon represents protection. Keeping a statue of a dragon in your home or office helps to ward off evil spirits and bad omens.

Crystal Lotus

A crystal lotus represents love, longevity, luck, and romance. Placing a crystal lotus in the bedroom enhances the romance, love, and connection between a husband and a wife.


Bamboo stands for longevity, endurance, and survival. As a bamboo is evergreen and has the unique ability to flourish and prosper anywhere in almost any kind of circumstances, similarly, the person who keeps a bamboo symbol with him/her or grows a bamboo plant will lead a healthy life.

Crane and Tortoise

A crane is believed to live for a thousand years, while a tortoise is said to survive for at least three thousand years. Both stands for longevity, immortality, wisdom, strength, stability, and endurance. Placing these at home, will bring you good health and a long life.

Laughing Buddha

Perhaps the most famous and well-known symbol is the laughing Buddha. The laughing Buddha, also known as "Pu Tai" in China, represents happiness, health, and prosperity.
There are a number of different variations such as a laughing Buddha that is holding a bowl which represents prosperity, a Buddha holding a sack and a fan representing someone who is on a spiritual journey, and a laughing Buddha who is sitting on a gold nugget representing a happy home.
The symbols mentioned here, if used wisely, are believed to help people to increase their income, improve their health, bring fame, develop their career, bring the family together, attract love and intimacy, and increase their capabilities and performance in all aspects of life.
On the negative side, using inappropriate symbols can cause lots of bad luck and ill will. So, consulting the right feng shui expert before incorporating any of these symbols in your office, home, or life is very essential.