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Effective Feng Shui Tips for Wealth

Medha Godbole Mar 3, 2019
Did you know that some feng shui techniques could be used to attract wealth? Well, yes there are many things that can be done using this ancient Chinese practice, to achieve your monetary desires.
Feng shui, as most of us know, is a philosophy and practice of maintaining visual and spiritual balance in your surroundings, which apparently uses principles of astronomy and geography, for improving one's life. This is by attracting and receiving positive energy flow. Of course, it has to be coupled with efforts to achieve what you want.
Experts say, that unless you strive for it, the thing you desire would not come to you. It gives you the support to seek the desired riches and fortune. That is in the form of creating a conducive environment, that will strengthen forces around you to attract positive energy.

Feng Shui Tips

While getting your home or office space free of any clutter is extremely important. If you do not clear up old things, there would be no space for the new ones to come in. This is more so with the southeast corner of your home or office area. It will help negative energy to go out, making way for feng shui cures to do their work.
A money tree in the wealth zone will be a good idea, to further add teeth to the feng shui wealth cures. It is a representation of financial growth and development.
Taking good care of the plant is essential for it to grow well, and attract opulence. If an actual tree is not possible, a figurine having golden coins, rather than leaves, would do.
You can have an aquarium with goldfish, which is one of the important wealth symbols. In case you do not have live fish, it could be in the form of a piece of art. Even a full-fledged aquarium is not required.
If you have a bowl, just put the goldfish in it, and keep it in the southeastern part of the room. There should be a minimum of 3 fish and maximum of 9 fish ideally. Taking proper care of the fish will ensure that your financial affairs change for good. Water attracts wealth.
Your wallet is a micro-representation of the financial state you are in. So akin to your home and office, paying attention to your purse or wallet is important. Money should not be neglected, ever. If you do not respect and care for the money you have, you would not be able to get more.
Essential oils contribute a great deal. They clear and energize the environment. They do this by increasing and strengthening the flow of vital energy. The more vital energy there is in your energy field, more riches will come into your life.
Include natural light in your dwelling space, along with fairly good oxygen levels. This will allow positive feng shui energy in your home. Also, open your windows often for ample fresh air and light to come in.
All these things will surely support your 'wealthy' wishes, provided you believe in this science, and the concept of positive and negative energy.