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Feng Shui Dragon

Deepa Kartha Apr 23, 2019
The Feng Shui dragon is loaded with rich symbolism and meaning. So, if you want to bring this artifact into your home, it is important for you to know about its significance and the place which will best suit it.
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which has the ability to improve a person's life as well as health with a few changes in his/her home and/or office. It believes in the existence of chi, which is an energy that balances the positive as well as negative aspects of our surroundings.
According to the rules and regulations laid by the experts of this philosophy, there are certain objects that can have a positive impact on one's life. One among the many important Feng Shui symbols is the dragon. One can see its presence in the mythological stories and folklore of China.
Moreover, unlike the Western characterization of the dragon as an evil and dangerous animal, the dragon in Chinese culture has many positive attributes. Let us take a look at its symbolism in detail.


In the traditional Chinese culture, it was believed that the dragon has the power and ability to control and change the climate, including the movements of the sun, wind, rain, and clouds. So, keeping a dragon at one's home or workplace is good for people who are in the agriculture business as well as for people whose work is dependent on the weather.
Other than this, it also symbolizes wealth, success, and prosperity. It is said that people who keep a dragon holding a crystal or pearl in its claws in their home or office will be awarded not only with power, but also with money and good fortune.
This mythical creature represents the yang, which is considered to be the strong masculine energy according to the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. So, this dragon symbolizes creativity and activity. That is why people place the dragon in an area where they work or which has high energy, as this increases their chances of achieving success and prosperity.
This animal also symbolizes the number 9, which is considered to be a sign of luck. Hence, there are many people who place a dragon that contains the number 9 in their homes.
Apart from this, it also symbolizes fertility, protection, and immorality. The dragon is also used to bring stability in the area of love and marriage.
It is said that placing a dragon along with a phoenix ensures long-lived marital bliss. These dragons are available in different colors, including red, green, and golden. While the golden dragon represents prosperity, the red one is the symbol of energy, luck, excitement, and passion. Also, the green dragon symbolizes luck, well-being, and happiness.


It is important to know the area where one can place this dragon. This is because according to the principles of Feng Shui, an object placed in the wrong place can have negative consequences. As per the guidelines given by the experts, the dragon should be kept in the south-east area of the home or workplace.
One should refrain from placing it in places like the bedroom, bathroom, garage, closet, etc. As it represents activity and placing it in the rooms which are meant for relaxation and inactivity may not be very good. The best way to place this would be the living room.
Another mistake that many people make is to place nine dragons throughout the house, as it represents the number 9. However, this has to be avoided, as the maximum number of dragons that should be kept in the house is five.
Another crucial point that one must remember is to place the dragon at eye level and never higher than that. Moreover, if the dragon has a pearl or crystal in its claws, make sure that it does not face the window, door, or a closing wall.
Whichever type of dragon you bring to your house, i.e., it may be a dragon turtle, water dragon, or just plain dragons in different colors, make sure that you treat them with respect and they will definitely shower you with power, wealth, prosperity, and well-being.