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Want to Repaint Your House? Think About Feng Shui Colors!

Feng Shui Colors
These days, many people are following feng shui in order to bring in peace, harmony, and prosperity in their lives. Colors are also a very important part of feng shui.
Palmira S
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Feng shui, a Chinese word, when translated to English means "wind-water". It is an ancient Chinese practice developed many centuries ago. It is associated with the concepts of yin and yang, which are a part of ancient Chinese philosophy. This practice can bring in and maintain wealth, relationships, health, etc. Some of the important aspects of it are mirrors, crystals, and fountains.
According to feng shui, with the help of colors, you can shift energy to your direction and in your space. For the five elements, namely fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, each color is an expression of one of these. According to the energy map of your space and according to the energy you need into bring in the space, these elements are supposed to be placed in a specific area.
If you choose the appropriate colors, then these will help you to create a harmonious environment at your home, office, etc. There are not only colors for the bedroom, but there are colors for the office too. In short, different colors should be used in different spaces.
Yin Colors
The yin colors signify relaxation and healing. Some of these colors also signify physical and mental healing while some of them signify wisdom and protection. A few yin colors are black, blue, purple, pink, white, and green.
white kitchen
White is a color of peace, healing, purity and serenity. It belongs to the element metal. In the Yogi traditions, this is one of the supreme colors. It also signifies a smooth start and clear endings. Metal is dominant in the west and northwest, hence, this color should be placed in these directions. The usage of white in the east and the southeast should be strictly avoided. It can be used in the bathrooms and the meditation room in order to bring in positive energy.
black shelf
This is a color of mystery, power, protection, and sophistication. This color belongs to the element water. It can be used in the north, east, and southeast of the space. Its usage should be avoided in the south of the space. It should be used minimally in the children's room, in the main entry area, kitchen, and dining room. The color gray belongs to the family of black and it signifies the element metal. It stands for transition, and should be used in the hallways and waiting rooms.
green garden
Green color signifies fresh energy, renewal, and new beginnings. According to the theory of five elements, green color belongs to the element wood. This color is said to calm your nerves, it balances the whole body by bringing healing feng shui vibrations from the nature. Hence, it is a good color for your health. For bringing it in your space, plant green plants with lush green foliage. For good results, green should be present in the east, southeast, and south of the space.
blue living room
Blue has a broad color range from blue to deep indigo-blue of the crown chakra to blue-green of the oceanic waters. This color is linked to healing, refreshing water, and clear sky. It belongs to the element water. You can use it in the southeast and east of the space, as water nourishes the element wood in these two directions. Light-blue signifies growth and harmonious expansion. Gentle-blue is an excellent choice for the ceiling. You can include deep-blue in order to promote sound sleep.
purple bedroom
This color signifies wealth, power, and royalty. It is also a color of abundance. If you are feeling insecure or if there is a shortage of a particular thing, then you can use this color. It is also related with spirituality and hence you can use it in the yoga room, meditation room, etc. It can also be used in the spa rooms.
pink master bedroom
Pink has always been considered the color of romance. It combines fiery-red and intimate-white. If you want to be cherished, nurtured, and loved, then you can use this color. It is the best for the bedrooms. If you think that people are taking advantage of your generosity, then avoid the usage of this color.
Yang Colors
The yang colors mainly consist of those belonging to the elements wood and fire. These colors bring in positive energy and also provides enthusiasm. A few of them are orange, yellow, brown, red, and gold.
orange kitchen
As the color red is too intense for the space, most of the time, it is replaced with orange. Orange symbolizes "social" as it creates energy promoting good times in your home and lively conversation. It represents the cheerful flickering of orange in log fires, (fire element). It is best to keep this color in the south or the southwest of the space. Avoid placing it in the west, east, southeast, and northwest. It should be used in the living room, children's play area, dining room, or kitchen.
yellow sofa
Yellow color signifies cheerfulness, sunlight, and optimism. You can use it in the children's room or the family room. If any particular room of your house lacks light,then you can add a bit of yellow to the room which compensates for the lack of light. It signifies the element fire and is the most enchanting of all the colors. You can use it in the east and the southeast of the space. Shades of yellow like gold, honey-wheat can be used if you are suffering from depression or health problems.
red bedroom
Red color belongs to the element fire and is said to bring energy in the environment. It signifies passion, prosperity, and celebration. Decoration made with it stands for richness and luxury. The usage of this color should be kept at a minimum level in the children's room. You can use it in the dining room and living room. This is also one of the colors used for the kitchen. Avoid excess usage as it can bring in restlessness, anger, and over stimulation.
brown hall
This color belongs to the element wood and should
be used in the southeast, east, and south. It is said to bring in energy. It can be related with gourmet coffee, dark chocolate, and mahogany wood. It can be used in the kitchen, entry area, bedroom, and the living room as well. Avoid the usage of too much brown as it might develop a lack of ambition among the inhabitants. Hence, it should be well-balanced with the other colors.
Remember: The right placement of these colors is a must in order to get proper and good results.
Stack of four pillows
Interior of a double hotel bedroom in the morning, sunlight
Set of cushions and pillows with matching seamless patterns
Pillows on red background
Pillows on bed, modern bedroom