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Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Amazing Tips for a Wonderful Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

Facing problems in your career or your love life? Try some feng shui tips for bedroom layout to bring peace, progress, and success back into your life.
Kalpana Kumari
Last Updated: May 3, 2018
It's all about the energy!
Energy is the most important factor in feng shui. It is called chi and the main aim is to harness as much of chi as possible to influence your life positively.
The science of feng shui finds its origin in ancient China. This Chinese art has been in practice for the last 7000 years. Feng shui is pronounced as'fung shway', which means wind and water. If described in simple words, it is the art of placing objects in an enclosed space, in such a manner that it helps promote optimism, progress, and happiness in life.
It is based on the fact that everything in nature is controlled and regulated by a force or energy, called chi. It is a methodology that aims to achieve the optimal flow of energy to bring cheerfulness and calmness in life. The right placement of objects and furniture is crucial to ensure overall happiness and satisfaction.
Bedroom is the place where you relax and recharge. It is the most intimate part of our life, and literally a haven which assures security and comfort. We sleep for 6-8 hours in the bedroom, and wake up feeling refreshed. The right layout will help you feel energized and be ready for whatever the day has in store for you. The placement of a particular object in a room may obstruct or promote the chi. This directly affects your mental and physical health, and hence, life altogether.
Bedroom Layout
Bedroom Layout
Check the positioning of the door and windows in your bedroom. Chi tends to flow between the door and any of the windows. Never place your bed in this line as it lacks chi.

▶ Place the bed as far away as possible from the front door. This follows the practice of our ancestors, who never used to sleep at the mouth of the cave. Logically, it gives you time to prepare yourself to fight against any problem in store for you.

▶ According to the principles of feng shui, colors are very important in driving chi towards you and your space. Therefore, select the colors of bed sheet, decorative pieces, curtains, and bedroom wall colors carefully, after considering every aspect.

▶ Apart from feng shui bedroom colors, the positioning of the bed in your bedroom is also very important. Place it in an area from where you can see the front door. This will provide a feeling of personal security and confidence.

▶ Place a low night stand or a low table to the right of the bed. This resembles a tiger crouching in position, and symbolizes your readiness to spring into action when the need arises.

▶ Your bed should not be placed directly in front of the door. Nor should there be a mirror in front of the bed.

▶ Having a window behind your bed is a bad idea, as the chi passes through the window. There should be a sturdy wall behind your bed.

▶ The bedroom should be used only for sleep, avoid having television, computers or laptops. The electromagnetic waves generated by them may disturb you when sleeping. If you can't move them, then at least keep them covered when sleeping.

▶ Of course it is not possible to have everything according feng shui, but you can try to reposition certain things if possible.
Things that you MUST avoid
Bed directly in front of the door
The bed should be placed far from the front door. There are two reasons for this: privacy and security. You should be able to see the person entering the room, before he/she can see you. It also means that you are better prepared when faced with any situation.
Messy Bedroom
Messy Bedroom
Who likes a messy, cluttered bedroom anyway. But, sometimes we don't realize that we are cluttering the space by hoarding too many things, keeping old boxes, or unnecessary boxes. Sort out all that you need and throw the rest. Clutter can lead to stagnant chi which is not good. It can lead to disharmony, and illness. Never keep old boxes below your bed, as they become an obstruction in the path of energy.
For positive energy to flow through your room, it is important that all things are properly organized and sorted. There should be enough space in the room for the chi to pass; don't put too much furniture in your bedroom.
Bedroom with sloping Wall
Bedroom with sloping Wall
It is best to avoid sleeping below a sloping ceiling. But there can be situations where you can't really do much, well then you can opt for a bed with canopy.

Another idea to counteract the constricting feeling is by painting the ceiling with very light colors, or paint the sky with clouds or stars.
Windows behind the bed
Windows behind the bed
Never sleep on the bed with the window near the back of your head. The chi will dissipate through the window, leaving you tired and irritated when you awaken. Instead, sleep with a solid wall behind your head.

If you have a window behind your bed, the best thing is to reposition the bed. If that is not possible then you must go for thick drapes and a sturdy headboard.
Bed Reflected in the Mirror
Bed Reflected in the Mirror
A bedroom mirror reflecting the bed can bring serious problems. For example, a couple can attract a third person, who may interfere and disturb their relationship. Place the mirror in a way so that you can see the reflection of the front door in it.

If following the above point is not possible in your bedroom, then in accordance with Chinese feng shui tips, you should cover the mirror before going to bed. You can keep it uncovered during daytime.
Bed with Single Access
Bed with Single Access
Bed with a single access is especially bad for couples as it may lead to communication problems. Even if the room is very small, try to ensure that the bed has access from the both the sides. It will help to strike a balance between the people who sleep on it.

Even if you sleep on your bed alone, it is better to have access from both the sides, so that more energy or chi reaches to you.
Other Tips
Place tall items such as shelves or tall dressers to the left of the bed. This symbolizes a dragon, which stays high above the ground and represents wisdom and ability to reflect upon information.

As per a typical feng shui bedroom layout, you should avoid keeping shoes or slippers near the front door or under the bed. This is because chiflows with the wind and it may carry the foul smell from such footwear. This may result in some sort of sickness.

If you share your bed with someone, then place the bed equidistant from the walls on both the sides. This will bring equation and balance in the relationship. If you like to keep a pet table at the side of your bed, keep one on each side. This is an important tip while doing up your bedroom as per feng shui bedroom layouts, as this symbolizes a tortoise, which typifies stability and security and provides you with a sense of protection.
Disclaimer: The tips given in this article are general in nature and do not intend to replace the advice of an expert on the subject. For more specific tips, it is advisable to consult a certified expert who will be able to provide you with an in-depth space analysis and prescribe the necessary changes.