Amazing Styles of Faux Painting to Beautify Your Concrete Floors

Tulika Nair Nov 20, 2018
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If you are just moving into a new house or redecorating your house and want to change your flooring, then one of the ways to do so would be to opt for faux painting. There are many different techniques and design patterns that you can use to give your floors a completely different look.
While you may still wish for that cozy feel of wooden flooring or the sheer elegance of marble, the fact of the matter is that more often than not, most houses have concrete flooring that is more practical. But it does not necessarily have to be the boring, cold, gray color that it always comes in.
You can choose to change the way the concrete flooring in your house looks by using different faux painting techniques. From options in color, texture, to even the look of the flooring, you can transform your flooring to resemble your dream design. Let's see the different techniques that you can use to faux paint concrete floors are.

Concrete Floor Painting

If the look of concrete flooring is so boring, then why do many people opt for it. The main reason for people opting for concrete flooring is the fact that it is joint free, which means unlike wooden or marble tiles, that accumulate grime and dirt in these joints, there is no such fear with concrete flooring.
Also because of the exclusion of joints, there are no visual breaks or gaps in the flooring continuity that adds to the beauty of the room.
There are many different techniques that are used for concrete floor painting. One of the main techniques that is used is painting, where epoxy paint is used on concrete flooring after being cleaned and primed.
Another popular method is staining where instead of being painted over, the floor is first etched with acid, and then stained with color. You can use textures to add to the effect of this technique. If you decide to use the method of stamping, then you can use store-bought or custom-made stamps to create an appearance of tiles on your concrete flooring.
Another method that can be used to change the look of the concrete flooring is to use a method that is known as texturing, wherein you can use household items on soft concrete to create unique textures on the floor. Once you have textured it completely, you can use paint on the floor to enhance the look.
These are just some of the techniques that you can use for your project. But what are the different concrete floor paint ideas that you have at your disposal? Let us take a look at some of them.


If you are not a sucker for symmetry and proportion, then creating abstract patterns on the floor may be a good idea to opt for. Use sponge cut in different patterns and dip it in paint and dab it on the flooring to create interesting patterns. You can also use the same sponge dabbing technique to create a pattern that resembles granite flooring.

Wooden Flooring

Have you always liked the wooden flooring of yesteryear? You can easily recreate this look on concrete flooring with the help of a wood graining tool.
What you will require is two different shades of brown concrete paint, one with glaze and one without. Once you have finished painting the floor, use a sealer on the floor to ensure that the paint does not seep and the glaze does not degrade.


Flooring motifs look gorgeous and can completely change the way your floor looks but an actual motif can cost you big bucks. You can recreate this look on concrete flooring. Match the motifs to the theme of the room and place centrally so that it enhances the look of the flooring and is the most eye-catching feature of the room.

Marbled Effect

Thanks to the sheer variety and number of colors available in the market, you can easily mimic the look of marble flooring by using concrete floor paints. Use paints which advertise marble finish. You can also similarly use paints that give a granite finish or help you create a textured look.


A creative and unique idea for floor painting would be to use stencils. You can create stencils in geometric prints or traditional art prints and use them over plain concrete flooring to create a unique and beautiful design. You can use stencils only as borders or have the center of the room painted to resemble a rug or carpeted area.
Consult an interior decorator who can help you come up with some great ideas that will match the decor and theme of your house. Concrete flooring without using paints can be quite boring and using different textures and designs can be the best way to bring some color into your house.