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Faux Finish Painting

Funky Ideas for Faux Finish Painting and the Right Method to Do It

Faux finish painting is an amazing way to make your home more colorful, beautiful and attractive. This is not a new concept as this form of art can also be seen in the ancient Egyptian caves. Read on to know more about this painting style.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019
Faux is a French word which means 'false'. It has been named so, as it consists of the replicas of many different materials. Basically, faux painting is a sum of many types of decorative painting styles.
Young Man Painting Wall
You can give a totally different look to your house with the help of faux painting ideas. It can change your room from a dull boring room to an attractive and joyful one.
Faux Finish Ideas
As you are going to paint your own house, it is your creativity to make it more beautiful and attractive. You need to first decide what can be done in your room. Further are some of the ideas you can use.
Sponge painted wall
● With the help of sponge you can create a lot of graphics. Give your wall a grainy appearance. First apply a coat with the base color and then leave it to dry. Then take a sponge and dip it into any contrasting color or any color of your choice. Then dab it on the wall and allow it to dry.
● You can create illusion of clouds on your ceiling. This you can do by giving the base blue color. As soon as the base dries up mix white acrylic paint with the water and then with the help of sponge form cloud like structure.
● You can create illusions of marble by mixing one part of water and four part of glaze. Apply the base color let it dry and then apply glaze. Take a square plastic and punch it on the wall. Hold it a bit and then remove it to get a frontage look.
● You can also form strips on the wall. First put a base color and let it dry. Then decide the strip distance and the width. Then mask the strips which you do not want to paint. Now paint the entire wall and leave it to dry. After it dries up remove the mask so that the base color is visible.
● If you are creative and have a good hand on sketches and drawings, you can have beautiful drawing on the wall too. Just paint the base color and let it dry. Then with the help of pencil draw the desired design for a rough idea. Then do it fairly with the paint.
How to do the Painting
Mirror With Clipping Path
There are various techniques to do faux finish painting like combing, sponging, ragging, color washing, etc. If you follow the given tips, you will definitely come up with something unique.
● You need to first get the things required. You will need a good premier, acrylic paint (color of your choice), brush, sponge, rag (if you are going for it) etc.
● Remove all the furniture and other things in the room. Mask the areas where you do not want the paint.
● The foremost thing you are required to do is to prepare the wall. For this you have to remove the old paint. Repair the wall with the help of putty. Leave it to dry and then level it with the help of sandpaper. Apply primer and leave it overnight to dry. Once the primer dries, your wall is ready for faux painting.
● Now get the things required for faux painting. Decide the technique or idea you want to use with the color combination. If you are not sure about the technique then it's better to try out your technique in a small area of the wall first.
● According to the technique you have selected, try to do the painting. Leave the wall to dry for a considerable amount of time. You are done with the faux finishing. You can also do faux finishing with furniture so as to make them more beautiful.
Now you just need people to come to your place and admire your creativity. If you do not want to do it yourself then you can also get professionals for this work. So, enough of your plain walls, try something creative and colors your home with your own ideas.