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Artificial Palm Trees

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Feb 6, 2019
Do you wish to bring the sunny charm of the tropics right in the middle of winter? Why not opt for artificial palm trees, which are perfect for any home décor!
The picture of lush green palm trees against the blue backdrop of the ocean is indeed exhilarating. They are a symbol of holiday, beaches, and warm sunny weather. While you are stuck in your home during winters, you definitely long for those sunny sea shores and beautiful atmosphere.
What if you could bring the tropical magic right into your home? Sounds fun, doesn't it? With the help of a fake palm tree, you can easily create a holiday like ambiance in your home. Let us learn more about their benefits and types, along with the places where you can find them for sale.


Palm trees grow naturally in sunny weather. The western states of US such as California and Nevada provide the most conducive growth conditions for them. They are also found in coastal regions of Asia, mid-Eastern countries, as well as Hawaii islands.
However, they do not grow in regions that have severe winter. Nonetheless, that does not imply that people in these regions cannot enjoy the feeling of warmth and fun that they emanate. Fake palm trees convincingly imitate the magic of real ones. They are fast becoming popular with many homeowners.
Some people welcome them right in the interior of their house, while some prefer to stage a few in their backyard to pep up their party ambiance.
They have also found place in offices and other such commercial establishments.
These trees are available in varying heights and types, to suit the requirements of every household. The biggest advantage is that they do not require any kind of maintenance, except for occasional dusting. Moreover, these trees are extremely light in weight, hence can be easily moved around, should you decide to alter your home décor.
Outdoor artificial palm trees are ideal for backyards and gardens, as they are almost lifelike. Thus, you can enjoy all the benefits of a real one sans any mess and maintenance.


These trees are available in various types. Bamboo palm trees are the most popular ones due to their natural appearance. Areca variants are also sought after due to their dense foliage. Kentia trees are a favorite for decorating commercial establishments.
Besides, Parlor Palm, Cycas Palm, Chinese Fountain, Australian Fenn, Coconut Bark are some other varieties that are popular. They are made from plastic, silk, or other materials like polyester. Silk trees look as good as the real ones. You won't know the difference until you touch it.

Where to Find Fake Palm Trees for Sale

There are many retailers who specialize in indoor and outdoor variants. Cheap trees can be found on the Internet. In fact, you can find some of the best deals online. You can find variants of desired species, foliage, and height, here on the Internet.
Amazing Greenhouse, Tropical Expressions, Tropical Palm Trees, Quality Silk Plants, and Poolside Palm Trees are some well-known retailers who ship their products all over the country. Lighted varieties are also available for sale, if you wish to add a dramatic effect to your home décor.
The prices range from USD 150 for a small indoor version and may go as high as USD 1000 for a huge life size tree.
The trees are shipped at your place in a disassembled form. You need to insert fronds in the trunk while assembling it. Thus, buying one of these can be a great idea, and an inexpensive way to bring the tropics into your home.