Decorating Your Room With a Fainting Couch

Sujata Iyer May 10, 2019
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If you're thinking of redecorating, then a fainting couch is an absolute must-have. Read this piece to know more about this unique style of couches.
Home decorating is all about having your style and personality mirrored in the furniture and the decorating ideas you use. When you walk into your house, you should feel at home. You should be comfortable and at peace. At the same time you cannot compromise on your sense of style.
The perfect solution to this dilemma is a fainting couch. Never heard of one? You've definitely seen one, but probably not known what to call it. Well, that's what this piece is for. It will give you all the information you want about fainting couches.

What is a Fainting Couch

A fainting couch is a type of sofa or couch. It is unique in its appearance because unlike conventional couches, it has a back for resting, only on one side. It has four legs, an elongated seat, and a head-cum-arm rest only on one side supported by two legs. The other two legs do not have a resting back. Now you get the picture, don't you?
Fainting couches have become quite the rage in the interior decorating circuit, with many decorators, home owners opting for this coquette couch.

History of the Fainting Couch

Well now that you're clear on what a fainting couch is, wouldn't you like to know a little about its history? Let's get to it then. Women in England in the 19th century were probably the first users of fainting couches. Apparently, these couches were designed in this particular fashion because most contemporary upper class women in England wore corsets.
Corsets tend to put a lot of pressure on the upper body of the wearer and as a result, the circulation of blood was restricted, especially when the women climbed up or down staircases. Hence, these specially designed couches were placed at the foot or head of staircases, for the women to rest as soon as they climbed up or down.
Women felt faint due to the restriction of blood flow and sat on the couches until they felt better. That's how they derived the name 'fainting couches'. They also came to be known as Victorian fainting couches. Quite interesting, don't you think?

Where to Use a Fainting Couch

If you're thinking of rustic decorating ideas, then antique fainting couches are the way to go. They have style and at the same time they give you an elegant old time feel. Home furniture must be comfortable and look good. And fainting couches serve both the purposes. You can use one in your den or a guest room.
If you're thinking of using it in a living room, then be warned that it does not seat many, and only a single piece looks good in one room. More than one of these chaises will just look messy and over the top. You can also use it in a lounge area of your home for entertaining guests.
Alternatively, you can strategically place one on a patio that faces your garden. You can curl up on it with a book and while away a sunny afternoon.
Find out stores or a garage sale where there is a fainting couch for sale. Don't worry about the upholstery. You can have your own fabric upholstered onto it. Or you can have custom-made fainting couches specially designed for you, in colors of your choice by specialty stores.
A fainting couch can add a dash of style and panache, wherever it is placed. So get one of these evergreen pieces of furniture and have a stunning home!