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Exterior Paint Combinations

Exterior Paint Combinations

Just like a good paint can give the interior of a house the perfect look, it's important to choose the right combination to beautify the exterior too. In this article, we have explained a few exterior paint ideas with pictures.
Amita Halbe
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Choosing the right exterior paint for our home is very important to enhance the surrounding ambiance. There are a number of home painting techniques that can be executed to make our home all the more beautiful.

An important task during the planning phase is to keep in mind, that your house (if not newly constructed) may have an existing color. It is best to hire professional contractors to safely remove the current paint and then proceed further. Thus, there are quite a few things you need to consider before finalizing the plan and actually going ahead with the painting.

Things to keep in mind while choosing exterior paint:

  • The paint should be resistant to hairline cracks and peeling that may appear at a later stage.
  •  The exterior paint should have excellent color retention.
  • It should have good hiding power.
  • It should be mildew-proof.
  • The flow or leveling of the paint should be easy for application.
  • The finish should be durable and long-lasting.
  • It should be applied in low temperature.
Picking the Right Paint
Mentioned below are a few structure-wise tips and ideas that will be useful while choosing exterior paint colors.
Tricolor Exterior Paint Combinations
Tricolor Bungalow Exteriors
Traditional Exterior Bungalow Painted in Tricolors
Residential Apartment Painted in Tricolors
A tricolor paint is a combination of three colors that is applied in three parts - accent, trim, and field. We may have seen beautiful Victorian style bungalows, villas painted in 4-5 colors with a combination of red and violet, yellow and orange, and blue and green. If placed in right manner, the effect of three colors can create wonders, akin to Victorian homes. A tricolor combination is not only used for bungalows or ranch-styled homes, but also for commercial buildings and residential apartments. And for tricolor projects, it is always safe to purchase quarts and try a test area, before taking the decision of the right color combination.

As mentioned above, a tricolor combination for painting can be divided into three areas of the house or a building.

  • Field Colors:  A field color mostly covers the main exterior of a home.
  • Trim Colors: These colors can be counted for windows, rakes etc. Make sure to take light color shades in trim areas, as dark bold colors may disturb the ambiance.
  • Accent colors: These colors are the highlights of a home. Accent colors can be applied to the window frames, doors, and shutters.
Paint Ideas for a House/ Bungalow
Blue and White Combination for Country House Exteriors
Countryside House Painted in Green and White
Old Brick House Exterior Painted in Golden Yellow
60s Era Bungalow Exterior Painted in Pink and White
Examine your house structure carefully while selecting the exterior paint combinations. Homeowners tend to leave out their roof or wooden panels while selecting exterior paint color combinations, which may cause additional expenses later on. Your roof and wooden panel paint colors should merge with the rest of the home exterior and design. A proper shade selection with darker paint color may fit the bill.

The combination of exterior paint also depends upon how you want to use the colors. Following are some exterior paint color schemes for bungalows:

  • Yellow and Golden Colors: These colors are highly adaptable and also tend to fit well in brick and stone. The yellow color tends to make the house appear warmer and inviting. Even muted shades can work well.
  • Green Colors: Earthy green colors blend well with natural treelike settings, and are often used for bungalows or rustic shingle-style houses. Green colors that range from vibrant yellow-green to subtle gray-green to moss colors or a combination of bright lime green with a touch of blue are some of the varieties one can choose from.
  • Combinations with Blue Color: The color blue has many moods. A combination of blue and white can appear bright. Deep red can add magnificence to the darker hues of blue.
  • lay with Pink, Rose, and Coral Colors: A house painted with pink looks feminine. You can add white, off-white, dusty green, yellow, and fawn colors that make a good combination with pink. A local paint store can give you a better idea of how these combinations work.
Paint Ideas for Ranch Style Homes
Ranch Style Home with Dark Green Trim
Landscaped Ranch Home with Horse Stable
Ranch Home Exterior at a Tropical Beach
Single Storey Ranch House with Landscape
The exterior of a ranch-styled home may look smaller due to the odd ratio of windows, trim, and doors. You can use appropriate combinations of white, beige, pastel, and neutral colors to give it a fresh and bigger look. A darker color to trim with a combination of white color can pop the trim very well. A few good combinations for a ranch are:

  • Yellow paint with dark brown trim
  • Combination of off-white and beigeWhite paint with green trim
  • Orange paint with dark green trim
  • hese combinations give an extra-ordinary look to a ranch house, which is also enhanced by the fact that it is surrounded with a beautiful garden and a lot of land around it.
Paint Ideas for a Commercial/Residential Complex
Apartment Condos with Two Color Paint
Exterior of Residential Complex Painted in Blue, Cream, and White
Modern Commercial Brick Structure
Exterior of a Commercial Complex Painted in Two Colors
If you have observed carefully, you will see a repetition of color combinations for many commercial projects. A poorly-colored building does nothing to attract its architectural features. A commercial or residential building gets good value in its neighborhood or surroundings only after an appropriate combination of paint is applied to it.

Painting a building with historic colors can impart a personal pride in ownership. A combination of gray and off-white or gray and dark orange can give the building that old historic look. Darkish pink, beige too makes the structure look neat while making an effort to project olden times. Brighter colors like blue, green, red, yellow etc., can be used for those newly constructed modern structures. They need to look very attractive from far, and can thus attract a lot of potential customers. If the building has many windows, then a combination of pale white and brown is best suited.

Modern commercial architecture has glasses on the exteriors. Therefore, choose a paint color that is contrast, yet elegant, and suits the architecture. Also, just like small homes, care should be taken to pick colors that go well with the colors of the neighborhood.
How to Increase the Life of your Exterior Paint?
There are different types of paints available in the market such as Acrylic, Alkyd, Latex, Oil, and Primers. The application of any of these paints totally depends on its durability, drying time etc.

Sunlight (UV radiation) and moisture has an adverse effect on exterior paint, and results in chalking and tint loss. But, this problem can be overcome by using latex (rubber-based) paint instead of oil based or alkyd paints. However, latex paint tends to resist the effects of direct sunlight better than oil-based or alkyd paints. If a building has wooden panels, then there might be a possibility that the wood may expand and cut due to the changes in moisture levels. Due to this, the paint may crack in small pieces. Here, breathable and permeable latex paint can be used which allows the water to evaporate and escape the damage. 

The house exterior is important to make a good first impression. So, the things that one has to keep in mind while planning an exterior paint include - surroundings, location of the house, structure of the house, the architecture, and also how big the house is.

And lastly, make sure you clean the painted walls and exteriors regularly to make that magnificent look last longer.
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