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Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Megha Tiwari Dec 17, 2018
Selecting a perfect color combination would give a soothing effect to your house. Check out some exterior paint color schemes which are popular nowadays.
Nowadays, people are interested in painting their own houses rather than hiring a professional painter or covering the exterior walls with vinyl siding. Before selecting an exterior paint color scheme, one must have a complete understanding of how different colors work together.
While selecting exterior colors, three shades of paints are required for the siding, door's, window's trim, and railing that will emphasize the exterior features such as doors, railings, and windows. The selection of paint colors will certainly create a marked difference in the looks of the house.

Safe and Sane

Choose a light shade from neutral colors for the walls, not a dark and gloomy one. Paint the window and door trims and barge boards with white color, as it looks clean and reflects more light. Paint railing and shutters in contrast to the wall's color like dark brown or maroon.

Tone it Down

If you want to give a happy look to your house, choose the colors that are in contrast to each other. For example, green and red. But it will give a Christmas look. So, add gray color in same quantity in both colors to tone it down. Now you must have got the perfect color combination for a vintage house.

Singing Blue

Blue is a bold color to use for exterior paint, because it stands out of earth color. Instead, gray color can also be used as it is very similar to the slate's color.
Blue color gives a very soothing effect when used in interior painting, but has got no psychological effect if used in exterior painting. Use white to paint the other details in contrast to gray color.

Black Beauty

How baleful a house would look if it is painted all with black. Instead, black color can be used as an accent to highlight the borders, like a painting given a finishing touch with a black border. Try to use the darkest shade of whatever color you selected for the walls. Creamy white can be used for painting the other exterior details of the house.

Free to Swank

As a dress enhances the best features of a woman, paint should also highlight the architectural features of the house. Before starting, make a color hierarchy like walls of green color, outer trim of red, and inner trim of white color.

Match and Watch

The painting is done by using single color all over, contrast can be created by adding black or white to the base color and this style is called monochromatic paint scheme. Other details can be painted with the color that is in contrast to the main color on the color wheel.

Gothic Style

The colors should match the already existing color. Gray color of the stone and roof should have a rich and warm color like burgundy red as its counterpoint. This will highlight the door and the windows. Other areas can be painted with white or a lighter gray shade.

Royal Beauty

In the Victorian era, the lavish attitude could be seen in the schemes as well. Even if one would suffice they would go for two. In exterior house paint, lavish details accompanied with several colors and sharp contrast can be used to highlight the architectural features.

Wonder Wood

Construction of half-timbered houses were a see in Medieval era, where builders made frames with heavy timbers and filled it with thin wooden strips. Here, timber can be painted with brown and wooden strips and other details with a white or cream shade.
Exterior painting has also gained importance like that of interior painting in the 21st century. Keeping the exterior paint color in harmony will give a great look to your house. Also, it will be followed by an avalanche of compliments from your friends and relatives.
So, now after getting information about the painting schemes you must not be facing any problem in deciding the exterior color scheme for your house.