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Exterior House Color Trends

Aakash Singh Aug 20, 2019
If you are planning to get the exterior of your house painted and want to know about some cool house color trends, then read this information.
What's first seen from the outside of a house is its exterior color. The color and luster of the external walls of a house cast its first impression on an onlooker or guest. This makes it important to choose the exterior house color wisely. In choosing, consider the region or locality, the climate, the area to be painted, and the prevalent color trends.
The colors used in and outside a house do influence the mindset and moods of the individuals residing in it. Simply put, the color used should be pleasing to the eyes. It shouldn't be too bright or gaudy. And it should also not be so light that it makes the house look dull.
Making use of Earth colors is in the trends. Earth colors are Earth tone colors like gray, soil, red brick, stone, brown, etc. These colors look good for the exteriors. White is the quintessential color for the exteriors as it is associated with purity.
It is among the top choices people make for painting the external walls of their house. But then, they have also started experimenting with unusual colors and have started trying offbeat color combinations.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

If you have had your house painted before, you will know how difficult it is to choose that perfect shade. The choice of color for the exteriors of a house is given less importance. More money is spent on painting and decorating the interiors. But it shouldn't be forgotten that the choice of exterior house colors is nonetheless important.
In fact, the exterior color of a structure (building or house) can make it stand out among the others in the neighborhood, and it is this color that speaks of the owner or residents' sense of esthetics. The paint on the external walls serves as a protection against weather conditions. So, apart from beauty, the color's utility should be taken into account.
HereĀ are some things to remember while choosing the perfect color for the house exteriors.
  • Look at the colors of the neighboring houses. Don't get a color which will clash with them. Choosing a totally different color will make your house look different, while choosing a similar shade will make your house blend with those in the neighborhood.
  • When you're out, observe other houses. See which ones appeal to you the most. Note down the color combinations they have used. If possible, take pictures.
  • Research well. Think about the different color combinations and how they would look. Go through color swatches carefully.
  • Knowing about colors is also important. Dark shades absorb more heat and also fade sooner than the lighter ones. Once they fade, they are difficult to touch up.
  • Choose only superior quality paint so that it lasts longer.
  • If there is a large surface to be painted, pick two or three different colors. For a large house, a single color will look monotonous.
  • Green is among the popularly used exterior house colors. It is close to nature and has a calming effect. Obviously, the effect depends of the shade chosen.
  • If the exterior of your house is made up of stone, try to choose a color which goes with it, say gray.
  • Blue is also a popular house color. To complement it, you can paint the interiors with natural blue which will bring a cooling effect.
  • Beige exteriors are also quite popular. Go through different shades of this color while choosing. Also, use other colors like orange and brown for the windows and doors.
  • Most of the popular paint companies come up with color trend reports of the current or the upcoming year. You may want to go through them, so as to know what's trending.
Follow the trends, experiment with something quirky, or go with the ever-popular white or shades of stone. Pick what you and your family members would like. After all, it's your home and it should reflect a part of you.