Exterior House Color Schemes

With introduction of numerous color schemes, it can be really confusing to decide which color to opt for the exteriors. Moreover, you just cannot select anything randomly as painting the exteriors involves considerable expenses. Read the article to get detailed information.
The exterior of your house is the first thing that is noticed by everyone. It's indeed a pleasing experience to see your dream house painted with shades of pastel and surrounded by a lush green garden. With advent of various trends, choosing a paint for the exterior of your house can be quite confusing. There are a plethora of brands manufacturing quality paints for every type of exterior home d├ęcor. We shall guide you in selecting some beautiful color schemes over here.
Exterior House Paint Colors: An Overview
Some important factors to consider before painting the exteriors of a house are its surroundings, the climatic conditions prevailing and its size. CBN color charts directory ranks cadet blue, winter squash and ruby ring as the best paint colors. California paints is one of the oldest brands manufacturing exterior house paints. To get some smart paint colors, you can take a look at the Historic Colors of America paint chart. It offers a wide range of sample colors. Sherwin-Williams is a popular brand having numerous variety of house paints. We have presented you a catalog of color schemes that you can refer to for jazzing up your house.
You can select a paint depending upon the theme of your house which mostly ranges from classical, colonial, country style, suburban and modern. The best hues for the colonial trend are classic yellow, white, sea green, classic gray, colonial tan, classic gold and green/gray stone. Colonial colors have revived which were inspired from the Spanish Baroque. Other colors signifying colonial appeal are shaker red, ginger root, rawhide, indigo, dove, chocolate, pumpkin, wainscot green, milkweed, grassy meadow, standish blue, Georgian yellow, farmhouse ocher, tory blue, wooden nutmeg, wooly thyme etc.
Houses of the Victorian era were famous for accented coats on walls, trims and highlights. You can opt for the following combination. One set will contain olive, dark brown and golden oak while you can form the other set with blue green, terracotta and rose beige. The combination of downing straw, rookwood red and dark green is also brilliant. You can blend these color schemes for the walls, trims and accents. Victorian houses resemble Gothic houses having exteriors with a vintage look. You can adopt this idea for farmhouses and penthouses. Bright sunny colors blend well in houses having contemporary exterior. The color schemes range from harvest gold, avocado, super white, Stratford blue, Plymouth green, Chelsea and Westchester gray. Striking shades of blue, red, yellow and violet are the perfect pick for a modern exterior. Some of the soothing tones to paint the exterior of your house are rose, silver gray, lavender and beige. You can create a replica of your house by incorporating the colors with the help of a professional in order to know exactly how it will look.
It's always advisable to pick up a brand that manufactures weather resistant paints. This ensures that the color lasts long even when it's exposed to inclement weather. You can also complement the color scheme according to the surroundings of your house. Natural colors blend well in farmhouses located amidst greenery. Individuals colors can also be infused in various patterns of architectural layouts if present in the exterior of your house. You can give a form to your ideas with the help of an architect and a designer.
That was a guide to exterior house color schemes. Select the color depending upon the design of your house and its location. Take a glance at different types of color charts to know about the latest color schemes. Hire an expert for the exterior painting to add a perfect touch and finish.