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Exterior Bay Window Designs

Mamta Mule Jan 9, 2019
Working on exterior bay window designs can be a fun-filled and exciting task. There are a number of options available to design and beautify a bay window so as to give it a unique look. Here are some ideas on the same to help you have a great looking bay window extension for your house.
Exterior bay windows are amongst the wonderful elements of a house design. If your house also has one such classy extension, then you can plan to decorate it in a unique way. Bay windows often form the focal area of a room. Their tall and beautiful designs, they easily attract attention of anyone entering the room.
When you think of designing and decorating, options are plenty. You need to choose one of them very carefully after considering the existing interior design and decor. Here are some ideas that can help you design and play up the beauty of exterior bay windows.

Design Ideas

There are various ways to design the window. If you are adding bay window to a large room, then the tall bay window design which extends from floor to ceiling is definitely a classic pick. Many people opt for such full exterior bay window designs which create illusion of space and make a small room look much spacious and airy.
Such large bay window extensions are often added to grand rooms and are further designed in a plush way to create an overall luxurious effect. With lovely window trims and frames, bay windows can be fancified in a unique way. Floor to ceiling bay windows are highly popular in contemporary styled homes.
Apart from the tall bay windows, small box type bay windows are a big hit in traditionally designed, as well as modern homes. You can have one or more such box type windows in a large room. Box type bay window extends outwards, starting from your waist level with its top border in level with other windows and doors in the room.
One of the plans is to have a low window. Such a bay window starts at a much lower height and extend till the average height of any other window, door or entrance in that room. Such a low bay window is often designed in a way that it offers a nice seating area as well.
With a thin mattresses laid on the window platform along with cushions and loads, you can relax here, watching your backyards or reading a book.

Window Decorations

No matter whether you have a full length bay window or a box type bay window, decorating any of them is not a tough task. There are various bay window treatments which you can consider opting for and beatifying this element of your house.
Remember that considering the interior as well as the exterior view of bay windows is quite essential while you work on the decoration factor. With the window trims and frames painted in darker shades, you will be able to highlight them well. Make sure you pick a nice color combination for the same.
Glass panes remains the best alternative for bay windows. Vertical glass panels fixed in sturdy metals are popular pick for bay windows. Apart from this, vertical glass panels graced with elegant wooden frame look class apart and heighten the beauty. You can pick clear glass or frosted glass as well.
For tall bay windows, clear glass that gives the view of your scenic exteriors is the ultimate choice. Clear glass having delicate frosted glass border prints are also a good choice. Complete glass windows graced with designer metal grills from outer-side look beautiful. The grills are painted in a color that blends well with exterior wall colors.
A nice colored roof adoring this bay window is a perfect addition. The exterior design of this bay window can also consists of small decorative pillars standing on each end of this window. Exterior painting of your house, colors and combinations used for bay window are the primary factor affecting the design.
Interior window treatments for bay window can consist of curtains or blinds. Some individuals simply prefer to have a gracious valance running from one end to the other end of bay window, with no curtains. Sheers also offer a good option to softly cover the tall or small bay windows.
Arched bay windows need to be beautified carefully. Designing this visually appealing element of your house is not tough if plan it well. Right from the colors till designs and treatments, consider each element carefully to have an eye-catching bay window gracing your house!