Exercise Ball Office Chair

Shashank Nakate Nov 1, 2018
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The idea of using an exercise ball, also known as Swiss ball, as a chair sounds a bit odd; however, there are many benefits of replacing the conventional desk chair in offices with it. Read on to know more about this trend.
The exercise ball is an equipment used to perform stretching exercises, weight training, and other workouts.
Its use as office furniture is considered by a few experts as a better alternative to using traditional chairs. There are, however, conflicting views being expressed on the usage of this equipment as a seating tool in the long term. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using the exercise ball office chair.


● Proper Spine Alignment:
The unstable surface of the ball requires constant adjustment in the seating position on the part of the user. It automatically leads to the maintenance of the right body posture. The spinal health is also improved.
● Balance:
The sense of balance of a person sitting on an exercise ball improves with time. The ball also causes improvement in the reaction of muscles towards the instability, resulting from its circular shape.
● Change in Position:
The office chairs that we normally use do not allow much body movement. Sitting in the same position for a prolonged period of time could affect the back and abdominal muscles in the long run.
To avoid this problem, one should change the seating position as frequently as possible. The Swiss ball allows for changes in the seating position due to its inherent structure and shape.
● Improvement in the Blood Circulation:
The Swiss ball chair requires the body to move constantly, which helps in overcoming the blood circulation problems. The conventional office chairs hardly allow for such kind of body movements.
● Abdominal Muscles Workout:
The change in balance of the body is countered/leveled by the response of abdominal muscles. Thus, spending time on this chair is a type of abdominal exercise, which helps in working out the ab muscles.


The use of Swiss balls, though recommended by few experts, has side effects that need to be considered. It does not provide any support to the trunk as in the case of normal chairs.
The constant movement of trunk muscles leads to their contraction, which causes the inter-vertebral discs to undergo compression. The stress that the vertebral discs undergo could aggravate into complex problems, such as back pain or slipped disc, in the future.

Swopper Chair

The swopper chair is somewhat like a stool that has a concave base and is considered to be the modified form of the exercise ball. The swopper chair, though modified to some extent, still causes the movement of the trunk, thereby increasing the pressure on the discs.
There is little data available on the long term effects of using the ball as a chair. One should thus, consider the pros and cons of Swiss ball office chair that are mentioned here and then proceed further.
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