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30 Essential Tips to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

30 Essential Tips to Enhance the Feng Shui of Your Bathroom

Did you know that a poorly designed bathroom can drain out wealth and opportunities from your life? Well, to prevent this, you must learn to enhance the feng shui of your bathroom, and this DecorDezine article tells you how to go about it.
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Did You Know?
According to the principles of feng shui, it is recommended that you keep the lid of the toilet down, and keep the toilet door closed at all times.
The bathroom is a place where you relax and unwind at the end of a tiring day. An ideal bathroom should have a healthy environment, and help you unwind and revitalize your senses. This means your bathroom should be clean, as an unhygienic bathroom causes accumulation of negative energy. But is that all? Apparently not, because according to feng shui, the bathroom drains out chi or positive energy, which results in the disturbance of the energy balance of the entire household.

The bathroom is where water flows out, and according to feng shui, this can lead to loss of wealth and opportunities from your life. This is because these are represented by the water element, which is the primary element of the bathroom. To counter this loss, you need to incorporate feng shui in your bathroom décor, so as to reduce or check the draining away of chi, along with the attributes associated with the water element.
How to Improve the Feng Shui of Your Bathroom
When you're working towards creating a bathroom with good feng shui, there are five things you should consider; location, element, color, shape, and light. Here, we shall look at each one of them.
1. Tips about Location
✦ The North-East is the best possible location for a bathroom, as it is governed by the Earth element, which effectively controls the energy of the Water element.
✦ While you can do little when it comes to the location of an already existing bathroom, knowing which directions and locations are particularly inauspicious for a bathroom, can help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a new apartment or remodeling your house. Here are locations and directions where you should NEVER have your bathroom.
  • In the South-East direction, which is the area for wealth and prosperity
  • Next to or above the front door
  • Directly above the kitchen
  • At the center of the house
  • Under the staircase
  • The bathroom aligned to the bedroom
2. Tips about Balancing the Elements
✦ You should find ways to bring in earth and metal energies into your bathroom. This way, you can create a balance of the different elements in your bathroom, which makes you feel more rejuvenated.
✦ Introduce a hint of wood and/or earth element; placing potted plants can be a good way to introduce the earth element into your bathroom. Choose plants like peace lily, and ferns. Ferns are ideal if you have a damp space with relatively low lighting.
✦ A great way to neutralize the over presence of the water element is the addition of small pieces that represent the fire element, such as a touch of red on the walls.
3. Tips about Choosing the Right Color
✦ The best colors for your bathroom are caramel, beige, cream, peach, terracotta, plum, and muted grays.
✦ Colors that represent the earth element, such as rusty orange, and light warm shades of brown, make the room appear more inviting. The presence of the earth element offers protection, and prevents excess chi or positive energy from draining away.
✦ In feng shui, water element is supported by metal, which means you should use white and silver sparingly. This is because metal colors can bring in a cold vibe to the room.
✦ Since the colors associated with the water element are black and blue, avoid choosing shower curtains and other accessories in these colors.
✦ Choosing a green theme is an ideal way to introduce the wood element, through green towels and shower curtains.
✦ Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a color for your bathroom is that, it should be more of yang than yin, which means, you should opt for more bright colors, such as creams, and yellows.
4. Tips about Choosing a Shape
✦ It is a good idea to avoid shapes that have sharp edges, as these emit shar chi or poison arrows. This applies to everything from the faucets to the mirror.
✦ You should opt for a round mirror, as opposed to one that is square or rectangular in shape.
✦ Your bathroom should ideally be square in shape.
5. Tips about Lighting
White Washbasin
✦ Natural light is very much essential for your bathroom, because it emits positive energy, and also adds warmth and a fresh feel to your bathroom. Hence, it is recommended that you have a window.
White Basin
✦ For small bathrooms that do not have a window, you should use artificial lighting to create brightness.
✦ While choosing the lighting for your bathroom, remember that it should not look over the top, but impart a natural look to the space.
✦ Another aspect that is as important as lighting, is ventilation, as it prevents negative energy from circulating in your bathroom, and draws in positive energy.
General Tips to Feng Shui Your Bathroom
Now that we have learned about the basic concepts of applying feng shui to your bathroom, let us take a look at some tips that will be of help when enhancing the space of your bathroom.
✦ Keep fresh flowers in the bathroom to bring in freshness and positive energy.
✦ You can light aromatic candles and incense sticks, or place potpourri enriched with your favorite essential oils, in your bathroom. Doing this will create a tranquil atmosphere, giving you a spa-like experience in your own bathroom.
✦ Always ensure that the faucets are in working order, and repair leakage immediately, because a leaking faucet symbolizes wasted money.
✦ Place a potted bamboo plant in the bathroom to enhance growth and prosperity.
✦ The color green, which symbolizes wood element, can be introduced in the bathroom with the use of green towels and bath mats. You can also use towels in earth colors, such as gold, brown, yellow, or sand, to bring in the earth element to your bathroom.
✦ If you're considering placing potted plants in your bathroom, make sure you place them in odd numbers, as odd numbers are considered auspicious in feng shui.
✦ Remember that clutter obstructs the flow of positive energy, and so, you should keep every corner of your bathroom clean and free of clutter. Clean the mirrors and windows regularly.
Reflection Of A Door
✦ The mirror you choose for the bathroom should be as large as possible. The logic behind this is that, if you start your day seeing a bigger and clearer image of yourself in the mirror, you'll have a clear vision of your goals in your mind. When you fix a mirror in the bathroom, place it in such a way that it never reflects the toilet.
✦ Make sure the toilet does not share a wall with your bed.
✦ If you're using carpets in your bathroom, make sure they are well-maintained and kept dry.
✦ If you have a big bathroom, it is a good idea to install the toilet in a separate enclosure within the bathroom.
✦ It is good feng shui to place pebbles in the sink hole and shower drain when not in use, to prevent loss of energy.
Ways to Improve the Feng Shui of Your Bathroom Location
A bathroom located near the front door apparently drains out the positive energy through the sewage before it can circulate in the house, while one located directly above the kitchen acts against the fire energy of the kitchen, and hinders prosperity. Similarly, a bathroom located on the second floor, above the main door, can flood the area of the main entrance with negative energy. A bathroom that is located at the center of the home or office can destabilize the energy of the entire space.

So, what do you do if one/more of the bathrooms in your house are located in these areas? Well, you need not panic. Just go through the solutions given below. The aim is to introduce objects that prevent the draining of energy.
For a bathroom located at the center of the house
  • Paint the walls red
  • Place large stones (or anything that strongly represents the earth element) in each corner
  • Fix a mirror on the outside of the door
  • Use a different toilet if possible
For a bathroom located above the kitchen or front door
  • Place large stones (or anything that strongly represents the earth element) in each corner
  • Hang a clear faceted crystal ball in the center of the bathroom
  • Fix a round mirror on the ceiling, such that it is directly above the toilet
For a bathroom located in the wealth sector, i.e. the South-East
  • Fix a full-length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door
  • Place a transparent glass bowl half filled with pebbles in the bathroom
  • Place a red, orange, or black rug at the base of the toilet
  • Place a large crystal or stone in each corner
For a bathroom with its door aligned to the main door
  • Place an object, such as furniture or item of home décor, between the bedroom and the bathroom.
In addition to these specific remedies, you're advised to keep the sink and shower drains closed, and the toilet lid down, when not in use. Keep the door of the bathroom shut at all times. Also, make it a point to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.
As you can see, feng shui for your bathroom is not that difficult to achieve. All you need to do is make small changes, and see a major drift in the prosperity of your family.
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