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Sure-fire Tips for Choosing Essential Baby Nursery Furniture

Essential Baby Nursery Furniture
Choosing the right furniture, particularly the essentials, is extremely important if you need a functional and beautiful nursery for your child. Here is a list of nursery furniture to help you find the perfect ones.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns against crib gyms and other toys that stretch across the crib with strings or ribbons. These toys can pose a strangulation risk for babies older than five months who can push up on their hands and knees.
There are so many things to keep in mind when preparing for the arrival of a baby in your life and your home. From choosing the right diaper bag, to getting new clothes and baby-proofing your home, the list of things that you need to do seems endless.
One of the most important things that you need to do is plan and decorate the baby nursery. Since the nursery is where you and the baby would be spending the most time, you need to ensure that all the essentials are in place before the baby's arrival.
Choosing the right furniture and other essentials in the baby nursery can be overwhelming to say the least. With so many products to choose from, it is difficult to decide what to get and what to leave behind. In this piece, we provide the baby nursery furniture essentials that you should definitely choose.
8 Nursery Furniture Essentials
Baby Cribs
Since your little bundle of joy will mostly be napping, get him/her a good crib.
Cribs are the focal point of a nursery and the most important furniture. There are many types of cribs in the market, from traditional wooden cribs with pleated skirts, to convertible cribs that transform into toddler beds as the baby grows up. Some cribs have built-in drawers and shelves for easy storage.
When choosing the crib, ensure you select one that is durable and sturdy. Look for cots with removable sides that can transform into toddler beds once your baby is older. Do not opt for antique cribs as they may not conform to the quality and safety standards. Watch out for drop-side cribs with detachable sides, these are not considered safe for the baby.
Bassinets and Cradles
Baby Cradles and Bassinets
Instead of large cribs, some people like cozy bassinets and cradles for newborns.
Some traditional cradles and bassinets are on rockers, while others are stationary. Usually, bassinets and cradles are used from birth till the baby is around four to six months old when he/she learns to sit and rollover. After that, you need to get a crib.
This portable furniture is great for parents who want their babies to sleep in their room so that nighttime feeding becomes easier. When choosing a cradle or bassinet, look for one with a sturdy base.
Do not choose ones that rock too much, as the movement can cause the baby to rollover to the edge, resulting in suffocation. Look for a firm mattress that fits the cradle snugly.
Children's Bed
Kids' Beds
If you are decorating a nursery for a toddler choose a low bed, easy to climb.
Most of these beds have side bed rails that prevent the child from falling off. Some of them are available in bright colors and even feature the child's favorite cartoon characters.
Changing Tables
Changing Tables
By your baby's first birthday, you will have changed a lot of diapers.
Constantly bending down for changing diapers on the floor can lead to back pain. To prevent this, parents opt for changing tables in the nursery. There are dedicated changing tables with changing pads and guardrails.
However, if you have a limited budget, then you can convert a dresser into a changing table by installing a changing pad with straps on the table. The table should have drawers or shelves to house all the baby essentials.
Nursery Chairs
Nursery Chairs
You are going to spend considerable amount of time in the nursery rocking the baby to sleep or feeding him/her.
You will need a comfortable and durable nursery chair that you can spend hours in, rocking, snuggling, and bonding with your child. You can choose a comfortable glider recliner or a rocker.
Cabinets and Dressers
Cabinets and Dressers for the Nursery
For the baby's clothes and toys, you would need spacious wardrobe.
Along with two to three shelves, look for wardrobes and cabinets with hanging rails and drawers that can be used for stowing away all the baby paraphernalia such as clothes, diapers, toys, layettes, and other odds and ends. Drawers at the bottom are especially useful for keeping large items such as bedding.
Look for cabinets that are not only spacious, but also match the nursery's décor and design scheme. Choose a sturdy wardrobe with good construction quality.
Toy Organizers
Toy Organizers
Where there are children, there will be plenty of toys, just everywhere.
There are times when we trip over a toy, and simply wonder where it came from and where to put it back. Choosing good toy organizers for the nursery helps in keeping them clean, and also allows your child to find the toy that he/she wants.
Toy boxes, wooden shelves on the walls, canvas bins, baskets, large floor shelves with bins, or even wire baskets can be used for storing the child's toys.
Chair, Tables, and Stools
Chair, Tables, and Stools
As your child grows, he or she would spend a lot of time playing, coloring, hosting tea parties with friends, or eating on their own. Getting tot-sized tables, chairs or stools for the kid is a good idea. Pay close attention to safety features and avoid sharp corners and edges when choosing a table.
To choose the right one for your nursery, consider the purpose that the chair and table will serve. Do you want to get a reading chair or a desk chair? Determining the purpose will help you zero in on the size, design, and material.
Other Nursery Essentials
Apart from the list of furniture essentials, there are other things that you may need in your nursery.
Baby Mattresses and Bedding
Baby Mattresses
Baby mattresses and bedding such as crib sheets, pillows, blankets, and crib skirts are not only necessary for the décor, but also very important for the baby's safety.
Play Yards
Play Yard
Mesh-enclosed play and nap spaces, also known as play yards, are popular additions to a baby nursery. Some feature attached changing tables, storage options, and music for kids. Some models are foldable and can be packed for easy travel.
Bed Rails
Bed Rail
Bed rails or guards can be added to any toddler-sized bed to protect the child from falling off. The most common types of bed rail styles include hook-on or bolt-on designs.
Diaper Pails
Diaper Pail
Diaper pails not only provide a handy space for throwing away the dirty diapers, but also help in eliminating diaper odor and mess, thus, keeping the nursery clean.
Nursery room hampers or baskets are used for storing the dirty laundry. Wicker hampers or large baskets are quite popular as they match with the nursery's design scheme and also hold a lot of dirty laundry.
When selecting the baby furniture essentials for the nursery, remember not to go overboard. Choose furniture that is safe, attractive, and comfortable. Plan the layout and select the color scheme. Choose the furniture according to the room's design and size.