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Epoxy Spray Paint

What You Should Know Before Using Epoxy Spray Paint

Often used for coating walls or surfaces that are exposed to moisture, epoxy resin can also be used as a paint, when mixed with pigment. This post provides information about its properties.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2019
Epoxy is basically a thermosetting polymer. It is formed as a result of a reaction between a resin (epoxide) and a hardener (polyamine). It works extremely well as an adhesive for various substances such as metal, glass, wood, and stone. It is also used as a painting medium. More often than not, these paints are used for concrete floors.
Its internal gelling or the thixotropic quality makes it different from the other paints. Any genuine epoxy paint has two components, the hardener and the resin. These two need to be mixed properly. Such a paint is able to create a hardy waterproof surface, and can resist dirt and stains. These also gel well with a wide variety of materials.
Epoxy all-weather and appliance paints are ideal for various household applications. Due to its durability and various other properties, it is increasingly being used painting floors. The chemical-resistant floor coating is very hard and tough and protects from chemical corrosion and rot from water. It uses Conpro EP-1 as an ingredient.
Then, there is epoxy primer and coating which uses Conpro EP-2. Its low viscosity makes it most useful for the filling of cracks. Different versions of the Conpro EP can be used in tasks ranging from flooring, lining, and patch repair to bonding new and old concrete.
Epoxy concrete paint is a dual part coating system that is cured via a chemical reaction and not through the evaporation of the solvent in question. It really aids in hiding minor defects on the surface. This paint is very inflexible and hence, you would need to stabilize it first before trying to cover or coat a crack with it.
It can certainly be used for garage and basement floors. The application of these coatings would make it less slippery, besides covering up any fissures and cracks existing in the flooring.
Tips for Applying the Paint
Prior to applying this concrete floor paint you should clean the surface thoroughly. It should be free of any dirt, dust and chemicals. Make sure you have some idea about the amount of spray paint you would need. It's always better to have extra rather than running out of the paint midway.
Young boy spray painting garden furniture
Make sure that you find out all about the instructions for applying the paint properly. Don't hesitate to test the paint on a sample piece of wood or metal before applying it on the actual surface. Make sure that the surface dries out fully before you start the application.
Fill in fissures prior to the application of the paint. Give time for the application to set in, so that it gives you that color and finish you've always desired.
If you are looking for an effective paint for changing the look of concrete walls and flooring, use an epoxy spray paint. Whether you wish to paint your garage floors or the basement flooring, make sure that you use the correct painting techniques. If you choose the right spray paint and apply it properly, you will surely get the desired results.