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Epoxy Concrete Paint

How to Use Epoxy Paint on Concrete Surfaces

Use of epoxy concrete paint can transform a gloomy looking place into an attractive and eye-catching workplace. This article gives you information on how to use this paint to transform concrete surfaces.
Shrinivas Kanade
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Similar to other epoxy products, the concrete coating is also a two-component system: a resin and hardener with color added, to give the mixture a coveted finish. Because of its benefits, the paint scores heavily over the traditional paint used for the concrete surfaces. When the resin and hardener are mixed, the chemical reaction that occurs makes it resistant to acid, heat, rust, chemicals, and corrosion. It also makes it resistant to wears due to vehicular and foot traffic by forming a tough and impenetrable layer on the surface. This quality of the epoxy paint makes it a perfect choice for many.
Application of the coating for concrete floors can be usually seen in commercial establishments such as garages and show rooms, where cleanliness and the overall glossy look, right from the floor to the ceiling, matters a lot. These facilities really love the stain-resisting characteristic of epoxy paint. Medical and research facilities also favor applying this paint on the floor because epoxy coatings form a surface that is seamless from wall to wall which denies microbes such as bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses any hiding place. This makes it very easy to sanitize and neutralize the floor such as in an operation theater or cell research laboratory.
Who Can Use Epoxy Paints
The type of paint to use depends on the function of the place where it is to be applied. For homes, water based epoxy paints are used and industrial establishments prefer to use wholly solid coatings, which gives them a really tough floor, which can resist almost all kinds of damage to it. There is another type of epoxy that is prepared by mixing the components with the various chemical solvents and is most preferred for light commercial applications.
Application of the Epoxy Concrete Paint
If your overall goal is to improve the look of the place by applying this paint, care must be taken to prepare the surface to be painted. It is very important that such a surface must be dry, otherwise, the moisture escaping from it will build up under the coat of epoxy paint and in time ruin it. If it is the newly laid concrete floor that one is planning to treat, then he must wait at least 28 days before proceeding with the task of applying epoxy concrete coating to it. Even then, the task must be started only after checking for any leakage of moisture from the floor and taking proper steps to seal it to prevent future problems.
If one is beautifying an old concrete floor it is essential that he must pay attention to floor cleaning and clean it of grease stains found on any garage floor, dust, and other debris. It is also necessary to fill all the cracks in it properly. After thoroughly washing all types of stains off the floor, one must wait for it to dry completely before applying the paint. If the existing concrete floor is already painted then knowing how to remove paint from concrete may be really useful DIY enthusiasts.
Leaving a concrete floor unpainted in a modern facility is as good as leaving a blemish on it. By proper application of epoxy coating on it, you can make it a complete entity. One must be aware that once applied, epoxy concrete paint is very hard to remove, so be careful with the color combination and the design patterns you select. One must use a face mask and maintain proper ventilation as precautionary measures, before proceeding with the task of painting concrete floors or walls.