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English Cottage Style

Pushpa Duddukuri Dec 17, 2018
Being an extension of Tudor revival architecture, English cottage style homes and decor bring a romanticism to one's dwelling. Read this to grasp the fairy tale charm of the English cottages.
Cottage style is not merely a decorating theme, but a lifestyle where people choose the country charm over modern chic life. English cottage style decorating may look straight out of a Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy novel, but they sure do make you feel at home.
The end of 19th century saw a revival of the Tudor architecture which led to popularity of English cottages in the United States. Such a house is a unique picturesque beauty, that exudes an open arms invite as well.

Cottage Style Homes

An english cottage house is the right place to get away from the daily bedlam associated with living an urbanized lifestyle. This is renowned for being a tad cozy and brings forth a warmth that makes families closer, right enough for a vacation home with children.
It has gabled roof which are steeply pitched and holds a resemblance to the Tudor revival structures. Such cottages are well-known for their half-timbering style that is reminiscent of old world architecture. A gable has bargeboards which are nothing but boards fitted to projecting end of the gable, thus protecting and strengthening it.
Often, the outer walls of the cottage are sided with stone, stucco or shingle materials to give a touch of agrestic aura. Apart from the majestically steep roof lines and siding work, the interior decorating of such homes awes people. The most worth mentioning fact is their irregular sized rooms and its peculiar flow.
While we are talking about the delights of these cottages, the massive chimney cannot be overlooked. Usually, such cottages have overlarge, decorative chimneys that are fitted with equally elaborate chimney pots.
The tall multipaned windows and decorative brick work lend a rustic, old world appeal to the outside walls. Windows are sometimes square or diamond-shaped and their sashes are made of lead or wood.
Such a house remind us of story book cottages and plays up the charming setting of a countryside. The oddity of English country cottage style homes are delightfully inviting and a haven for everyone who is looking to escape from stark, naked apartments.

Main Characteristics

  • One or two stories
  • Asymmetrical flooring plan
  • Cross-gabled or thatched roof
  • Decorative, large chimneys
  • Catslide roof
  • Arched or half-round doors
  • Casement windows
  • Sloping walls

Interior Decor

Now everyone can't be lucky enough to own such a place. But reinventing your home from inside to capture the heart of cottage decorating can be done with ingenuity and fun. Pick a color scheme out of the many verdant and pastel colors for cottage decorating.
Hues of corals, green, pink and yellow would set the tone for daintily beautiful decor. Coziness and comfort are the basics which govern the home decorating scheme of English cottages. Hardwood flooring with matching rugs would lay down the groundwork for this type of interiors.
English styled windows are light and windy, allowing light to penetrate the room properly. Choose pretty lacy curtains instead of heavy draperies to get a feel of English countryside. Moreover, fabrics for upholstery, draperies, bed sheets, etc. should be of floral prints and imitate the pastoral setting.
The furniture calls for an assortment of mismatched furniture which can be purchased from a flea market or an antique store. The English country folks were poor and hard-working people and they preferred comfort over decorative pieces.
Hence, while designing your own cottage interiors, you have the freedom to choose lazy, large armchairs, worn overstuffed sofa and simple quaint tables.
To give it a more authentic feel, antique picture frames, mirrors and vintage collectibles can be used in accessorizing the room. Decorate each piece of furniture with lavish detail. For instance, cover your armchairs with floral doilies and stuff your sofas with fluffy pillows.
Lighting is another aspect which you can tweak in order to encompass the English cottage decorating ideas into your living room. Make sure that the light is faint and not overwhelming. It should bring out the softness in the room.
Therefore, recessed and overhead lights are not a good option. Go for soft lamps and lighting fixtures to brighten the room like a chandelier or a lamp. You would easily find vintage lamps from an antique store or convert an old household item like a jug or vase into a table lamp.
Handwoven stuff is a must to imbibe the true essence of cottage decor, that is, adding finishing touches to everything. An English setting is incomplete without the ritual of the afternoon tea.
Therefore, make sure you hoard your kitchen cupboard with the finest English chinaware and crockery. Have a nice and plush garden and if you can, bring in some plants inside the rooms too.
Inculcate these English cottage decorating ideas to make your home reminiscent of the countryside and its culture. Cottage style decor could easily transform your humble abode into a cozy, comfy place you call home.