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Everything You Need to Know About Embroidered Drapery Fabric

Embroidered Drapery Fabric
Embroidered drapery makes the piece of fabric look like a piece of art. It's definitely an item of home decor that you would love to own. Available in a variety of materials, the embroidery is what makes the fabric so special.
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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2018
Bedroom curtain
Drapery refers to loose decorative clothing such as curtains. It has been an important aspect of home decor since ages. Dating back to the Victorian era, drapery has been designed with serious thought and preserved with due reverence.
Interestingly, the functions of drapery and upholstery are interchangeable. The former can be used to for covering sofas or making chair cushions to match the decor. Let's see how drapery evolved and how it can be used to make your space reflect your tastes!
History of Drapery Fabric
Fabric weaving has been the basis of all kinds of drapery around the world. Be it Egyptian cotton or the Chinese silk, embroidered drapery owes its existence to development and trade of fabrics across the globe. For instance, silk, the ancient Chinese fabric has an interesting story.
Imperial silk, reserved only for the royals of China became popular for its texture and strength. The development of the Silk Road gave an impetus to the trade of silk between Asia, Africa and Europe. Since then, silk has been extensively used in the form of drapery, as well.
The evolution of draping styles have also changed over a period of time. Some styles gone extinct, while same made comebacks. For instance, the Victorian times saw multi-layered drapes to create a royal effect. With times though, the frilly drapes become more plain and simple.
The silk curtains in South East Asia and cotton ones in warmer parts of the world also adapted to changing styles in the past decades. Despite the changes in fashion, the fact remains that the embroidered fabric for both, curtains and furniture remains in vogue.
Embroidered Fabric For Curtains
Embroidered fabric for curtains
Embroidered drapery adds ornamentation to your home. It brings your imagination to life. Choose the perfect fabric using a variety of materials.
Close-up of some embroidery on some white fabric
The handmade embroidery gives the decor a personal touch. These materials may be expensive, but they surely are worth it. The market of drapery fabrics offer you a wide range of colors, styles, designs and patterns to match your needs.
Embroidered Upholstery
Embroidered Upholstery
Upholstery defines your home. The fabric used for curtains is called as drapery, whereas the fabric used for covering sofas and chairs is called as upholstery. You can use drapery fabrics as your upholstery too. Make it colorful, interesting, boring or vibrant, it's your choice! But implementing that choice needs matching upholstery.
Embroidered pillows
Cotton, silk or synthetic embroidered upholstery is available in every material. Bohemian, Indian and Persian upholstery is one of its kind and a must have it you are a true connoisseur of handicrafts.
Sheer Drapery Fabric
Sheer drapery fabric
Sheer drapery has replaced the lace curtains, which would allow a wee bit of sun to come in.
Morning sunlight through curtain in room
The translucent fabric allows a little bit of sun, keeping the area at just about the temperature you'd want. Sheer fabrics as drapery look delicate but are equally strong. Floral patterns are famous on these sheer fabric, but abstract designs are picking up too!
Light Fabric Curtains In Sunshine Day
Embroidered Textile For Clothing
Embroidered textile
Your dressing sense speaks volumes about you. Embroidery looks rich if it is delicately done. The intricate patterns made out of embroidery show the time and effort put into making it.
Hand Embroidery With Pieces Of Threads
Embroidery is a characteristic of Indian clothing. Especially the kurtas and the sarees have been the icons of embroidered textile fabric in India.
Do not confuse embroidered drapery material with just upholstery. Upholstery is what curtains, sofa covers, table mats and dining sheets are made of. On the other hand, drapery is what makes the upholstery.
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Embroidered drapes are expensive as they traditionally are handmade. Today, even machine-made drapery is available, the hand crafted one is still the most sought after.
Preserving your embroidered drapery requires high-maintenance and utmost care. Upholstery cleaning is one thing but handling the precious drapes with care will go a long way in cherishing them!