Electric Stair Chair Lift

Electric stair chairs are a great option for the old and those not wanting to carry heavy loads. Read ahead..
Debopriya Bose May 13, 2019
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A stair chair lift moves on a track along a staircase. It works on electricity. These can be fitted on either side of a staircase and can be operated using a remote control. It is installed in homes having senior citizens or people suffering from knee problems and cannot climb stairs. It can be used to carry laundry, luggage, or groceries to upper floors.


  • Climbing up and down the stairs causes a lot of stress on the knees, ankles, and hips. Installing a stair chair at home ensures that these joints are relieved of such trauma.
  • It is especially beneficial for older people and people with medical conditions that prohibit them from climbing stairs.
  • These chairs can be used to carry loads across the floors. This reduces the probability of the joints being injured because of carrying around heavy loads.
  • They reduce the chances of sprains or other injuries that may be caused due to a fall from the stairs.


The usage of these lifts is so high that they are being manufactured with features making them user-friendly. Some features are:
  • They can be installed on any type of staircase―straight, spiral, or curved.
  • The seats of most chairs swivel. The seats can be lowered or raised depending on the height of the user.
  • Foot rests are adjustable for maximum comfort.
  • They can bear large amount of weights.
  • They can be operated by remote control.
  • There are a wide variety of stair chairs that come in various colors and fabrics that allow them to go with the decor of any house.
Definitely check for these features while buying a stair lift.

Electric vs Battery Stair Chair

  • The electric ones are more reliable than the battery-operated ones, as the latter tend to develop problems faster.
  • All batteries have a certain life after which they can't be used. If a battery fails during an emergency, it could cause serious consequences.
  • The batteries need to be replaced once every 18-24 months.
  • The cost involved in replacing a battery is considerably high. The cost of electricity used to operate a stair lift is comparatively lower.
  • However, in case your area has frequent power cuts, a battery-operated one is more feasible than an electric one.
Most manufacturers suggest that the plug should be close to the staircase. The plug receptacle should be of the three-pronged type. Check if your electric chair has an option to be operated on batteries as well, since most do. Ensure that you meet the regulations or building codes about installing electric chairs, if there are any.
Electric stair chairs are a good alternative for those who want to avoid climbing stairs. They are great devices to have in your home as they have a lot of user-friendly features, come in a wide variety of styles, and also blend well with the look of any home.