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Types of Electric Fireplace Logs You Should Know About

Maya Pillai Oct 17, 2018
Electric fireplace is slowly replacing the firewood ones. Along with it come new products such as electric fireplace logs. Let's see the advantages of having an electric fireplace.
An electric fireplace is one of the heating devices used in many modern homes to warm the interiors during the winter months. One of the main advantages of having an electric fireplace is that it could be installed at any place, even at locations within your home where a traditional fireplace cannot be set up.
An electrical fireplace can also be installed in an existing traditional fireplace if there is a socket point on a nearby wall. As you must have understood by now, an electric fireplace is an alternative to the traditional version.
The electric fireplace logs are actually the fireplace inserts that give a simulation of real burning logs, made from oak or birch wood. An electrical device is placed inside the fireplace logs to give an appearance of realistic wood fire. It creates the reddish-orange glow of burning coals.
Overall, electrical fireplace logs provide a warm and homely ambiance to any room it is placed in. There are several types of electric fireplace logs including electric inserts, log heater, and crackling logs.
An electric log heater heats the room to the desired temperature. There is a heating unit beneath the logs and this unit has a built-in thermostat to control the temperature.
There are mainly three types of electric fireplace. They are classified as ventless logs, vented logs, and partially vented logs, depending upon the heat emitted and the ambiance created. These logs are used in gas heaters also.
  • Ventless logs emit good heat and the fire has a reddish-yellow glow.
  • Vented logs provide less heat, but these logs have a more natural glow of burning wood.
  • Partially vented logs are a combination of both the vented and the ventless logs. Therefore, they have both merits and demerits of the vented and ventless logs with respect to the heat efficiency and looks.
An electric fireplace insert is commonly used in an existing traditional fireplace. A fireplace insert is installed if the fireplace is not functional. An electric fireplace insert unit is simply put inside the existing fireplace and connected to a nearby electric outlet.
An electric insert has a heater to warm the room and also a "flame" setting to create an illusion of an actual fire.
Crackling electric logs, like the traditional logs, make a crackling sound similar to the burning of real firewood. These logs are made of oak or birch wood, and have a unique mechanism installed inside to create a crackling sound. It also has an bulb installed inside to produce a glow similar to real flames.

Benefits Of an Electric Fireplace

1. It is easy to install. All you need is a plug-point in the area where you want to place the fireplace logs. There is no need for a chimney or a vent. It is safe to install because there is no fear of inhaling poisonous smokes.
2. An electric fireplace can be installed in any home where building a traditional fireplace is not possible. The logs simulate flames giving a natural appearance like the real fire.
3. An electric fireplace log is more energy efficient than other room heating devices as they have good thermostat settings. This settings help to regulate the room temperature thereby reducing the operational cost. One of the major benefit is that in summer months you can turn the heat off and enjoy the audio-visual effects similar to a real fire.
Electric fireplace logs are available in various styles and sizes. The prices vary depending upon the material, size and style. It is a good investment as it is cost-effective and economizes electricity consumption. It is beneficial to install in your home as it reduces the chimney cleaning bills and the expenses of buying firewood for wooden stoves.