Electric Fireplace Log Inserts

Gaynor Borade Nov 28, 2018
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The traditional 'fireplace' has gone beyond a living room component in cold regions. In modern interior designing, its presence is used to incorporate warmth and coziness within the existent ambiance. Electric fireplace log inserts have replaced their wood counterparts to give the home a more environment-friendly appeal.
Heating systems for homes and offices in cold regions demand the use of a fireplace. Traditionally, this used to be a niche in living room decorating ideas. The space was used for the installation of wood stoves to provide heat.
The addition is now more of an interior designing fashion component in the modern home. Nevertheless, its basic use remains the same. What has changed in time is the fuel used to generate the required heat in winter.

Materials Used

Fireplace logs serve as alternative fuel to generate the heat required from the unit. Originally, logs of wood were used for the purpose.
However, in time, addressing a number of environmental issues like deforestation, wood was replaced by gas and electricity in interior decorating. They are still designed to closely resemble the traditional wooden ones.
They may differ in the fuel used, but not in the heat generated. There is no denying that wood adds to the appeal of the basic use of the unit. However, the modern home has incorporated the look and feel of the traditional units by designing these components. They are designed to look like real logs.

Features of Electric Logs

This fireplace generates heat that is emitted by a medium empowered by a consistent flow of electricity. The mantels come in a variety of modern furniture designs, ranging from traditional and classic to modern and 'chic'. The electric fireplace log inserts form the medium.
They are versatile and very easy to install and use. The designs are convenient and cinder-free. Electric hearth products like the logs do not call for the installation of the traditional chimney. They have in-built heat-output-regulating devices. When not in use, they can be turned off, unlike wood. This adds to their economic appeal and year-round use.
They offer technology-enhanced flame simulation that looks very real. These components do not emit smoke and hence, there is no air pollution. The current absorption is negligible and energy consumption is hardly more than two light bulbs.
This is usually higher than those used in gas or wood alternatives. These electric components come with fancy fittings, to create the required finesse.


  • Simple installation, with least reconstruction
  • Easy temperature regulation
  • Monitored consumption of electricity, with instant 'on' and 'off' options
  • No component storage requirement
  • Cinder-free environment
  • Economic access to heat in winter
  • Visual appeal, doubled by crackling sounds!


'Audio-Visual' Logs: They have an oak or rosewood finish and a mechanism that generates a 'crackling' sound within. An ordinary bulb used in home lighting generates the visual appeal, by adding an orange glow to the created 'fire'.
Log Heaters: They are designed to generate the warmth desired. The unit is placed either beneath or behind real or concrete-wood-finish logs.
These are very cost-effective and switch off instantly, when not in use. They generate a good amount of heat. The built-in thermostat facilitates temperature-control at a turn of the knob.
Electric Inserts: They can be used within an already existing fireplace design. Once installed, the electric fireplace log inserts are ready for use. No reconstruction and no mess! They provide comfort and relaxation within the existent interior design. They are portable and versatile in use.
These are a few great options to generate the look and appeal of a real fireplace. Most antique furniture fittings and modern interiors make the most of the designs that eliminate the hassles and mess that comes along with traditional wood, coal, and gas options.
Its components are easily accessible at dedicated outlets, online and offline. The online marketing services and stores even allow you to take a sneak preview of the fittings. They offer advice and tips on how to integrate the designs within the existent decor.
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