Eiffel Tower Centerpieces

Pragya T Oct 6, 2018
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Eiffel tower centerpieces, both the tea light holder and the vases are a great accent that can be added to the middle of the table. Here are various Eiffel tower centerpiece ideas, that will help you decorate a table...
Eiffel tower vase centerpieces are a great idea for tables, where you don't want to go for a floral arrangement that takes a lot of space. Using the Eiffel tower vase centerpieces, you can make attractive floral arrangements inside the vase, and thus make beautiful tower centerpieces which use minimum table space.
There are various ways to decorate using Eiffel tower vase centerpieces, which will discuss here. Another great centerpiece idea is to use the Eiffel tower tea light holders, which are made out of wire.

Centerpiece Decorations

There are different sizes of Eiffel tower vases available, they come in a variety of colors. One can buy the color of the glass centerpiece accordingly, so that it can match with the flower colors or the other table decoration.
The sizes range from 8.5 inches to 24 inches. Ensure that you start with a vase centerpiece that is weighted at the bottom. Because, the Eiffel tower vases are thin and tall glass vases which have a slight outward flare at top and bottom. So, it is important that you always maintain a light decoration with an Eiffel tower vase.
To create a flower arrangement using an Eiffel tower vase, select the size and color of the vase which will look appropriate. Wash the vase with bleach solution to kill any bacteria which might be in the vase. This will allow a longer-lasting flower bloom. Then fill the vase half with water.
To increase the life of the flowers, you can add a little plant food. Then place few stems of the flower which you like, preferably white cherry blossoms or mini calla lilies. Then place stems of curly willow in the vase, arrange couple of grass blades, and space out everything nicely.
This was just one idea of decorating the Eiffel tower vase centerpieces, you can also use dried flower and other decorations, or tie ribbons, or fill the vase ¾ put flower stems which are submerged in the water and then place few floating candles.

Decorate Using Tea Light Holders

Eiffel tower tea light holders are a great centerpiece idea when you want to create a romantic mood for dinner. The wired tower centerpieces are made using different metals and come in colors like metallic black, silver, and gold.
The black colored ones are the most beautiful ones and blend nicely with any table arrangement. These centerpieces are available in different sizes and the prices vary according to the sizes.
In these tower centerpieces, there is a place to keep a tea light at the bottom, which will serve as an illuminated focal point for any table setting. You can also accompany some floral arrangement with this centerpiece, like soft colored flowers that go with the table decoration to complete your centerpiece decoration.
If you wish to learn more ideas on decorating then surf the Internet and look for pictures online that have Eiffel tower vase or tea light holder decoration, and create something similar.