All You Wish to Know About Efficiency Apartments

Saptakee Sengupta Dec 17, 2018
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An efficiency apartment involves less monetary expenses and is affordable. Enlisted here are some ideas for planning and decorating your apartment.
Many houses have single room and a kitchen, but are very well planned and structured. They are known as efficiency or studio apartments in which no sleeping quarters or separate bedrooms. A single room is partitioned and utilized as living room and kitchen. Partitions are raised for cooking, sleeping, eating, and living; the washroom is separate.



For the accurate division of space, measure the area of the floor. The floor plan is a very important factor of planning and designing the area. 
Once you take the measurements, you will get an idea about the amount of space required for each partition. Keep the living area bigger than the kitchen. You can also construct a small sitting area. Divide the kitchen into two zones for eating and cooking.


For maximum utilization of space, place your wardrobe or tables in the corners of the apartment. Place room dividers separate spaces for different purposes.
For office space, keep the shelf or table in the corner and have a small wooden divider that will separate it from the living space. Similarly, you can divide the kitchen from your living room.
The sitting area should be near the front door. Place a classic wooden divider between the living room and the sitting room.


Decorating should be done in simple yet elegant way. For the walls you can either opt for contemporary colors or paint them in traditional shades.

Sitting Space

Pale shades of yellow, pink, green, and blue will give a neat look to the living room. Since the space is limited, do not place too much furniture. A coffee table, two chairs, and some flower vases are enough to beautify the space.
In case you opt for a bold wall color, make sure you lighten up the space with colorful lights. This will give an extremely bright and vibrant look to the sitting hall.

Living Area

To decorate the living area, you can utilize the concept of color blocking for wall art. There are some unique kinds of furniture that are exclusively meant for small spaces. Hang your favorite paintings or some traditional antique pieces on the wall.

Office Space

Utilize the corners for cabinets or racks. Use single colors for fiber or wood furniture. White, purple, black, and brown give a sophisticated look. Use a fluorescent bulb above the table. Keep the area clean and arrange books, files, and other official items properly.

Kitchen Area

You can have corian cupboards for kitchen appliances. Design the countertop in a way that it utilizes the corner and there is enough space for cooking. Place medium-sized racks to keep the utensils. 
Do not invest on large crockery and cutlery that occupy a lot of space. Paint the walls with neutral colors for a decent look.
Many students, employees, and singles prefer efficiency apartments for the rent; they are also inexpensive and economical.
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