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Eco-friendly Kitchen Ideas

Go Green: Creative Eco-friendly Kitchen Ideas You Can Implement

A great way to make a difference in your kitchen is using eco-friendly products. You are not only redesigning your decor but helping to save the planet. We've listed the various ways recycled materials can be used in your kitchen.
Parun Pereira
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019
Whenever you design or remodel your kitchen, you can use a number of environment-friendly materials that can enhance your kitchen. These materials are not only cost-effective but also look great. You can use different materials such as recycled glass and bamboo.
Flooring Options
Bamboo kitchen flooring
Instead of spending a huge amount on buying tiles for flooring, you can opt for finished bamboo which acts as a great flooring material. Moreover, you can add new chairs made of bamboo in the dining area, which are aesthetically beautiful and comfortable to use.
You can use a chopping block that is made of end-grain bamboo. Another great way to implement sleek flooring is using cork. This flooring option comes in a variety of styles and designs, and is an efficient way of saving money. It is also comfortable to walk on, especially while cooking after a long day.
Cork, being mildew-resistant, is not affected by changes in temperature or moisture content of the kitchen. Cork flooring provides a better grip while walking as compared to tiles which tend to get slippery. Both bamboo and cork flooring do not require much maintenance and can be cleaned with a wet and dry mop.
Reclaimed Wood
Wood Shingles
Just as plastic and paper is recycled, reclaimed wood is salvaged in factories and warehouses. Refinished lumber often produces a firm grain which strengthens the wood.
The use of reclaimed wood reduces the cutting of trees. We can also refinish the pieces of wood lying in our garages to make cutlery holders instead of buying new ones.
Recycled Glass
Recycled Glass Countertop
Recycled glass tiles are incredibly sturdy and are beautiful to look at. These tiles are made from colorful glass mixed with a base of resin or cement concrete. The hard surface is less likely to chip off as compared to wooden counterparts.
Cork flooring sample
These tiles can be used as countertops for kitchen cabinets. Stains and grease can easily be removed using a mild detergent.
Energy saving fluorescent bulb
You can also implement eco-friendly, energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps which reduce consumption of electricity. Using recycled paper baked into thick sheets with resin base can be used as countertops.
These are extremely durable, and are heat and scratch resistant. For cabinet doors in kitchens, you can either dress up used cabinet doors by using a range of eco-friendly paints, or you can use veneers that will give your cabinets a fresh look.
Recycled metal countertop
You can also use recycled metal sheets for countertops and sink areas. These metal sheets which come in clear coat finishes are non-toxic and durable.
The awareness of an eco-friendly environment has brought about a radical change in the way materials in kitchen design can be used. Eco-friendly kitchens are slowly but surely becoming popular for their simplistic looks and usage of non-toxic materials.