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Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Eco-Friendly Bathroom
Having your bathroom designed in an eco-friendly way is one of the smartest decisions. While you work on an eco-friendly bathroom design there are various things to be considered and implemented. So here are a few of them which you can definitely try implementing.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019
With the increasing popularity of eco-friendly homes and products, you can also find bathrooms designed in the 'eco' way. As bathroom is among the primary sections of your house and requires major water supply facilities, turning it environment-friendly is definitely a smart idea.
No matter if you are building a new bath area or remodeling the old one, there are a few ways in which you can have a well-designed bathroom that not only looks great but also maintains this essential factor.
Tips on Designing an Eco-Friendly Bathing Space
Fix Up Leaky Plumbing
If you are working on a bathroom remodeling project, the first task is making a list of rusted, old and leaky plumbing spots. A considerable amount of water is wasted due to leaky fixtures, hence fixing up this problem is essential. Replacing rusted or old pipes, 'T' joints and elbows is helpful in preventing leakage once you have remodeled the bath.
Low Flow Showerhead
Rain Flowing Showerhead
Who won't love to enjoy a shower with luxurious rainfall showerhead and multiple nozzles sprinkling water from 3 walls of the enclosure? But if you want to make your bathroom eco-friendly, this is probably the first element you must think about before installation.
While a smaller shower head with good pressure of water and option of having a hot or cold shower is enough for enjoying a soothing shower, why not skip the idea of luxurious fixtures that are going to consume a lot of water.
Bathroom with green walls
Another step towards designing an eco-friendly bathroom is to look for green tiling options and pick the best ones amongst them. Glass is recyclable and remains one of the plush looking and gracious options for tiling the bath area. 
Apart from glass, you can consider natural flooring like cork as well. Checkout the various brands which offer green tiles and go for the one that fits right in your budget. Apart from green tiles you can also use eco-friendly paint for painting ceiling and walls.
Fix the Right Flush
Flush buttons
Toilet flush is another bathroom element which uses a lot of water. Instead of installing the regular model, consider having a low-flush toilet that uses low amount of water each time it is pressed.
But be careful while choosing this, as an ultra-low flush can even lead to clogging. You can opt for the dual flush toilets which consist of two knobs, one uses less water and another uses more amount of water.
Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
The Bathroom Of Luxury Hotel
A well designed bathroom must have proper illumination. This includes a number of simple and decorative light fixtures used to play up various spots of the bathroom. Dim lights and bright lights all together consume a considerable amount of energy.
While designing the bathroom you can replace at least a few of these with energy efficient light bulbs with consume less power and last longer. Also, as far as possible, install only the required quantity of bulbs. Make arrangements to let in a lot of natural light which will save day-time consumption of electricity.
Green Accessories
Interior of luxurious bathroom
Even the smallest things in your bathroom can be the major contributors of pollution. Replace paper towels with organic cotton napkins. Use organic towels and linen bath accessories.
Cleaning the Bathtub
Also, dump the toxic commercial cleaners. Instead, use plain water on alternate days for cleaning baths and use vinegar and baking soda twice a month for cleaning your bath. Change the vinyl curtain and install a soothing cotton curtain.
By considering the aforementioned elements while designing your bathing area, you will be definitely able to create a greener bath. With maximum ideas implemented in your bathroom design, you can have a calm and environment-friendly area ready for bathing.