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Drywall Finishing Tips

Drywall Finishing Tips
There are numerable materials that are used in the construction of walls and ceilings. The concept of drywall is a relatively young trend that is fast evolving and also becoming popular. Some tips for drywall finishing have been elaborated ahead.
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Last Updated: Dec 08, 2018
The drywall is a rather different concept than the normal plastering and finishing techniques. Many of us know that drywall is made from gypsum sheets that are pressed together and strengthened with help of a heating session in the kiln.
This type of interior decorating and designing has come into fashion and many people have started opting for it. May it be a simple room decoration or a regular home improvement and renovation, it is essential to provide finishing to a drywall.
What is Drywall?
Before moving to the different tips for finishing drywall, let us have a look at the primary construction and anatomy of the drywall. A drywall is basically a sheet of gypsum that is pressed between some flexible material such as a paper or advanced plastic fibers or even fiberglass. 
This kind of wall is used to make interior walls, room partitions and even ceiling decorations. A drywall can be in short, described as a material of construction that is not exactly very strong but is useful in decorating houses and offices.
The drywall is a sheet of gypsum, and thus requires some essential finishing touches, such as a coat of plaster that is known as 'mud' or thin layering of water proofing material. This process of coating the drywall is known as drywall finishing. The basic intention behind the drywall finishing is to make the wall more attractive, firm durable and strong.
Drywall Finishing Tips
Here are some generalized tips and points that you might like to consider before taking up the finishing of your drywall.
Drywall Texturing Tips
Applying Mud to Sheetrock
One of the best merits of a drywall is that it is an excellent surface on which one can add different textures. The best way to make a texture on the drywall is to take up a good plaster sprayer.
The spraying enables you to smoothly and evenly texture out the mud onto the drywall. It is also always advisable that you mix the mud in a trowel or a tray. The advantage of mixing the mud in a trowel is that it becomes even and lumps are not left behind.
The indirect advantage is that the texture that you create is bound to become even and firm and there would not be any odd patches in the texture. It is also advisable that you rub down the entire drywall with a sandpaper, as it gives the mud an added footage, so that it can stick and hold on to the drywall.
Drywall Repair Tips
Construction site, worker installing gypsum board
There might be incidents where the finishing mud of the drywall comes off, due to some or the other reason. The drywall repairing is an equally important task in such a situation.
If the drywall finishing comes off, then there is no problem, as it is quite easy and feasible to repair such a damaged finishing. However, if the drywall has broken, cracked, fragmented or chipped, to a large extent, then it is advisable to replace the entire drywall as a cracked drywall is not exactly repairable.
For the repair of small distortions some essential and simple, drywall taping tips would prove to be sufficient. For example while repairing the finishing, you can use the paper tape in the corners, and a mesh tape for the tapered seams.
In case if you find that the damaged portion is near a joint, then you may also use fiberglass mesh tape to enforce the corners. However this must be done before the remaining portions of the drywall are repaired.
If you have textured the finishing, then it is also advisable to remove the whole finish, and reapply the mud, as there are strong chances that the mud might come off as a result of the weight of the new mud.
While finishing the drywall, it is always advisable that you try out new and creative techniques. Who knows your experiment might work wonders. Another very important tip is that patience and control, works wonders. If you are patient, then you would be easily able to finish your drywall with wonderful results.