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How to Build a Drop-Leaf Table

How to Build a Drop-Leaf Table

Drop-leaf table is a piece of furniture which has attachable pieces of wood, suspended from either sides of the table. This DecorDezine article explains you how to build such an adjustable table.
Fatima Rangwala
A drop-leaf table can be extended with low supports. In other words, it has sections that can fold down and become a compact piece of furniture giving more space in a room. This makes it look more functional and versatile in appearance. Particularly, in small rooms where space is always a constraint.

Building Instructions

  • Screws (varying sizes)
  • Board
  • Plywood
  • Electric Drill
  • Staple gun
  • Butcher paper
  • Electric circular saw
  • Staples
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain
  • Drop-leaf table hinges (2)

Cut the Plywood
The plywood which would be available in a 8ft x 4ft sheet of wood, cut it into a size of 4ft x 4ft sheet. That sheet will be the top of the table.

Cut the Board
Chop the 2'' x 4'' board into four (4) pieces. Two of those pieces are supposed to be 36'' long and the other two should be 6'' long. The 36'' long wood pieces would be the legs of the table and the 6'' wood pieces will be implemented in other steps. Cut the wood board using a circular saw. Meanwhile, you can apply tarnish material to the wood. Leave it to dry.

Sand the Wood
Use the sandpaper to sand the edges of the cut pieces of wood.

Join the Wood Pieces
Place the cut sheets of wood on each other properly, try placing them at the center (1 foot away from the edge of the table) and cut them through. Use a drill machine to fasten all the required screws and hinges.

(What you will have are two wood sheets secured with hinges).

Attach the Legs
If the top of the table has been decided, i.e. one of the sides of the table, keeping that side in picture, attach the wood pieces that were cut out for being the legs of the table. Begin to fasten screws using a drill machine on each leg from top of the table, until all the legs of the table have been attached well.

Attach the 6'' x 4'' Wood Board Pieces
The two pieces of wood that you cut in step two should be placed adjacent to the hinges underneath the top of the table. Place them appropriately, 4'' on the drop-leaf side and 2'' right of the table. These are the wood pieces which are going to move when you place the table down. Screw them up with a drill machine and 4'' screws.

Preparing the Base
Once the table has been roughly constructed, turn it upside down and work on it to form a table base. Here, cut the surface and lay down the rolls of the board. Ensure that both the rolls fit very well on each side. Staple the board using a staple gun.

Use the Butcher Paper
This is the final step to complete your plan. Use a butcher paper to gain a smooth finish over the table. Trim the paper about an inch near the place where the drop-leaf splits. Fold the paper neatly and trim the edges well. Do not forget to staple the paper beneath the table as well.