Drop Ceiling Designs

Aparna Jadhav Jan 10, 2019
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Drop ceilings are a beautiful addition to homes, specially when they are designed uniquely. Here are some lovely drop ceiling designs which you could choose from, take a look.
Drop ceilings are built under the main ceiling, known as secondary, false or suspended ceilings. They use the main ceiling as a support and with unique designs, these ceilings create exquisite interiors. Drop ceiling is the perfect example of the modern architecture where lights, stained glass and dry wall is used for attractive and stylish look.
With the help of these ceilings, you can conceal or cover up certain important piping, electric wires and other systems that need to be installed in the ceiling but aren't a good sight! You could get ceilings in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens as well as basements to add a dramatic look to your modern homes. There are various ideas and designs available.

Wooden Ceilings

♣  When it comes to installing a wooden ceiling, I am sure you wouldn't want to think twice. Wood ceilings stand for pure luxury, style, comfort and they add an extremely neutral look to your interiors.
♣  Out of the various materials used to create a great ceiling, wood is one of the most timeless and elegant options. This is because you can use wood tiles, planks, grilles, cubes, etc., to make these beautiful ceilings.
♣  When you use wooden tiles, you can go for Coffered ceilings, where there are lovely carved designs inside these tiles or cubes of wood and the ceiling looks brilliant.
♣  Grilles and linear wooden planks can be used either horizontally or vertically on the main ceiling and have lights embedded to make the ceiling more attractive. The costs depend on the material and design that you use, and wooden ceilings are quite affordable.

Drywall Ceilings

♣  When you already have a drywall ceiling, why need a secondary one? Well, you would if you saw one with an artistic stretch design, illuminated with colored lights! So, drywall ceilings are basic, yet can be made into the best with totally different designs and ideas.
♣  You can make geometric shaped extensions to your original ceiling and then add the lighting options like LED lights or chandeliers to the extension. These look perfect in higher ceiling homes, as the distance between the main ceiling is minimized with a decorative patch.
♣  There are various shapes and sizes which you can use to match your ceiling with your interiors. Usually people like making drywall ceilings for basements, living rooms and other rooms in the house which are specific in their function.
♣  These ceiling designs can be painted in specific colors with vivid lightings, you can give them the desired effect. Drywall ceilings can be used in both large /small homes, offices and restaurants, museums and theaters for the dramatic look they add to the interiors.

Tiled Ceilings

♣  Among the various designs which you could choose from, another idea that catches your eye is the tiled ceiling design. In this design, there are tiles of any material which are installed on the main ceiling to create this ceiling.
♣  These tiled ceilings look brilliant in any room of the house and conceals absolutely any unwanted extension very neatly. Wooden, mirror, drywall, stained glass, glass and even hand painted ceramic tiles are exotic additions to these types of drop ceilings.
♣  We have already seen about wooden tiles on ceilings, but when mirror or glass tiles are installed, the entire fashion of the ceiling is taken to a whole new level! They add elegance, modern style and perfection to the room, with lights installed either between or behind alternate tiles.
♣  Ceramic tiles, even though not installed as a whole ceiling, look great when patched in between the drywall ceiling. There are patterns, where the ceiling is plain with bright colored ceramic tiles illuminated with lights. This design is a wonderful incorporation in kids rooms and bathrooms.
With these great designs, you surely must have found your idea for the perfect ceiling! Drop ceilings give you the liberty to play with ideas and so should you with various colors and interesting patterns.
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