Dresser Drawer Pulls

Smita Pandit Jan 5, 2019
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There's no dearth of designs for dresser drawer pulls or handles. Let's see the popular types of drawer handles.
Right from the antique brass/silver pulls with intricate designs to contemporary hand-painted funky designs, dresser drawer pulls come in a variety of shapes and styles. All you need to do is buy one that complements the style of your dresser.
If you don't want the traditional knob or pull, you can check out the contemporary styles. There are countless options to choose from, just make sure that the hardware complements your bedroom decor.

Drawer Pulls for Dressers

Door knobs, handles, pulls, and hardware come in a variety of designs. If you like it simple, you can always buy the plain ones. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. If you are looking for something elaborate or ornate, you can check out the decorative knobs or pulls.
These come in a wide range of finishes, such as dark antique brass, hammered brass, distressed brass, oil-rubbed bronze, patine black, rust, nickel, chrome, burnished brass, and bronze. You also have the option of using ring pulls, arch pulls, bar pulls, cup pulls, recessed pulls, or tear drop pulls.
Ring pulls, as the name suggests, are pulls that have a circular ring in the center. These pulls are mounted on a single post. If you are living in a traditional home, you could buy the Victorian style pulls, the ones that have exquisite and intricate vintage patterns carved on them.
While brass is commonly used for making cabinet hardware, it blends well with antique furniture. One can use the pulls or knobs made from cast iron or clear glass. For the kids' room, think of something more vibrant and colorful. Well, there is no dearth of designs. It would be a great idea to buy crystal glass pulls or the hand-painted wooden ones.

Buying Drawer Pulls

● If you have simple drawers, an ornate pull would surely help in enhancing the look of the cabinets.
● Sleek designs would work well for homes that have contemporary or modern furniture.
● An antique pull made from brass can surely lend a classy and elegant look to the dresser.
● You must make sure that the size of the hardware is right too. If the drawer pull is small, you might have to put in more effort while opening the drawer.
● If you are replacing the old hardware, make sure that the new ones are of the same size. The distance between the two attachment holes must be the same.
● Installation of the hardware is another aspect that you need to look into. It is always better to attach the knobs, pulls, or handles in the center.
● One should rely on his/her aesthetic sense to decide the type of cabinet hardware. Buy pulls that score high in terms of style and durability.
The function of the closet drawer knobs or pulls is to help one open the drawers, so make sure that you buy the ones that are easy-to-handle. It must not have pointy or rough edges. Though you must keep the aesthetics in mind, don't ignore the important aspects of durability, utility and comfort.
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