Plush and Stylish Drapery Ideas for Your Home

Drapery Ideas
Great furniture and decor is incomplete without the perfect drapery. Whether comfort is what you are looking for, or luxury is your style, we have a whole set of ideas you need to have look at. After all, drapes are not just to block the light, it's about making a style statement! The right curtains surely do have the power to instantly transform your room, and how.
Quick Tip!
The material used for curtains will make a lot of difference when determining the entire look of your room. Cotton or linen are good for casual drapes, while silks and laces will add a richness to give it a regal look.

Drapery ideas are innumerable and when you know what kind of drapes you want for your home, there's always a wide choice. Many a time, you're left confused with the colors, designs, and patterns of the kind of curtains and drapes that would go with the house interiors. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that they should complement the wall colors, and the furniture that you have chosen for the house.

Different kinds of houses have different types of doors and windows. Sliding doors, bay windows, and French windows have their own unique styles, and the right curtains will enhance their look. You can go for simple cozy and comfortable drapes, that will give your home a very homy feel, or stylish, trendy ones for a modern look. Whatever you may want, there's no dearth of options. Check out some cool drapery ideas in the upcoming sections.

For Living Room

If you have a very cozy and casual apartment or house, you can have simple full-length drapes that match your wall colors. Getting light colors like beige, mustard, lemon, etc can look very peaceful and serene.

Dark-colored drapes like, browns, red, wine, mauve, navy, etc. make the house look rich and stylish. Many people think that valences look very royal and not homely, but you can get them to look as easy as you want with lighter colors and lesser designs on them.

simple and elegant drapery living room
Simple and classy curtains for sliding doors
modern twisted drapery
Twisted curtains give a trendy look

For luxurious draperies, the living room should have lots of space and elegant furniture. To get that timeless look and feeling in your living room, go for the traditional draperies with single side curtain holders for the windows.

Many such houses have French windows which are large in size. Therefore, the drapery for large windows and doors can have as many valances as you wish as these make the doors look majestic and elegant.

Again, you need to co-ordinate the colors with your interiors and make the finest choices. Colors like red, maroon, violet, teal green, dark blue, etc. are great options. Mostly go for satin drapes and embroidered drapery fabric curtains as they look very rich in these colors.

elegant drapery for living room
Elegant Valences
rich look black and white draperyStunningly rich look

red and cream elegant draperyElegance at its best
brown drapery ideaDark valence for a rich look

rich look orange drapery
Pristine white and divine orange

For Bedroom

For your bedrooms you can have comfortable and easy colored drapes. Many people like to match their bedding linens with their draperies but then there is no individuality left in the drapes. You can have simple full-size drapes for your doors and windows with the valences. They may look rich and elegant, but could be done in the living room and kitchen.

natural-and-simple-draperyRoyal purple
classic-drapery-ideaGold and white

For modern bedrooms, cellular vertical blinds and modern Roman shades also look very attractive. They are unique and new concepts for designs, and are being used by many today. Sliding doors are also a concept that is often used in apartments and buildings and using contemporary drapery styles for sliding doors can look great.

cool contemporary draperyTrendy valences
trendy modern draperyUnique modern look

You can have lace sheers with the attractive thick drapes for the bedrooms. The colors that are preferred for bedrooms are light colors like beige, creams, olive green, blue, orange, lemon yellow, teal, etc. Since many homes have bay windows for their bedrooms, these simple yet elegant styles can be used as draperies for bay windows.

light yellow draperyLacy Effext
simple drapery light curtainsSimple and airy

red drapery for windowBold red
trendy cream-draperyOr soft cream

Yes, with so many options it is easy to get confused. Take your time, I'm sure you must have got at least some ideas by now. You can always customize or combine ideas to give your own personalized touch to your drapes. Keep it stylish and comfortable!
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