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Down Pillow Reviews

Down Pillow Reviews - Know Which is Puffier, Cozier, and Comfier

Who does not like to sleep comfortably? Down pillows are ideal for those who seek a little more comfort while sleeping. These reviews will help you in choosing the right down pillow for your needs.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Down feathers are found below the tough exterior feathers of birds. There are different reasons, why down feathers are used as stuffing for pillows. The most important reason being, these feathers act as natural thermal insulators and make the pillow puffy, soft, and comfortable. A pillow should have 75% down stuffing and not more than 25% when mixed with other materials, in order to qualify as a down pillow. The beauty of this pillow lies in the fact that the surface is smooth and does not form any lumps. Pillows with down do not contain quills and thus do not poke. Going through some reviews should help you to choose the perfect down pillow for yourself.

Best Down Pillow

Pacific Coast Touch of Down Pillow
Reviews of the touch of down pillow from 'The Pacific Coast' are always good. These pillows are available in the standard 20" x 26" size. These pillows provide a distinct cradling effect, which is known to give unparalleled level of relaxation. Many well-known hotels around the world prefer 'Pacific Coast down pillows' so as to give their guests the best bedding experience.

Pike Street 330 White Goose Down Pillow
Among the different goose down pillows, this down pillow from 'Pike Street' is believed to be the best. It has medium density and comes with a very beautiful damask Swiss dot patterned cover. It has a cotton cover, which is double stitched and has a silk piping finish. The medium density of the pillow provides good support for the head and neck, and helps in maintaining proper spine alignment while sleeping.

Pinzon Pyrenees Down Pillow
The ratings for this Pinzon pillow are good. This medium density pillow is ideal for supine sleepers. The pillow can be machine washed and dried. It has a single chamber construction and a removable zippered pillow protector.

Double Down Around Pillow with AllerRest Protection
This pillow is available in all three sizes and with medium as well as firm fills.This double stuffed and allergen free product comes with a dust and mite barrier cotton cover. These down pillows provide good neck support to both back as well side sleepers.

DeWoolfson 800 Fill Down Pillow
The cotton silk fabric used for covering this pillow prevents the feather stuffing from poking. The fabric is made up of 55% Egyptian cotton and 45% pure silk. DeWoolfson 800 offer down pillows with three grades of firmness, which include soft, medium, and firm. In case of any complaints, the firmness of the pillow can be adjusted according to personal preference within the year of purchase.

A lot of down pillow reviews speak about the thread count. However, there is hardly any correlation between a higher thread count and fewer feathers escaping. Most pillow companies offer a 1 month money back policy. Therefore, you will be able to return the pillow in case you are dissatisfied with the product.