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Double Pane Windows

Double Pane Windows

Single pane windows should be replaced with double pane ones, simply because they have more benefits such as insulation, lower costs, higher maintenance, etc. Although the initial investment is high, those costs are overshadowed by the money and energy saved in the long run.
Priya Johnson
Double pane windows as the name suggests, are glass panes that are separated by a layer of air or inert gas like argon, krypton, etc. These windows insulate the insides of a house from the nippy exteriors, thereby saving energy and money. They also add value to the house.

Also known as double glazed window panes, these windows are specially designed to reflect heat, solely in one direction. In hot regions, it is designed to reflect heat outside the house, while in colder regions, it reflects light inside the house.

Benefits of Getting Double Pane Windows

Provides Insulation
Double pane windows provide insulation. This insulation is not due to the thickness of the glass, but it's because of the air layer trapped between the panes that provides insulation. This layer of air or inert gas prevents the sunlight entering the house to leave, thereby preserving the heat from the sunrays within the room or house itself. Thus, these windows help keep the house warm during nippy weather, and eliminate the need for extra heating devices to keep the house warm.

Saves Energy and Money
According to the Department of Energy, 25% of the annual heating and cooling costs for the average American home pertains to energy loss from windows. Double pane windows are energy efficient and reduce energy usage by about 24% in cold climates, and by about 18% in sweltering regions. Thus, double pane windows save a lot of energy and we all know that when energy consumption is reduced, expenses reduce and money is saved.

Saves the Environment
The environment around us is terribly polluted with the terrible greenhouse gas emissions choking it. By saving energy via double pane windows, we are also burning less fossil fuel, thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

Noise Insulator
These windows prevent noises from entering the house, thereby insulating the house from unwanted noise and clamor. These are totally what people in urban localities need; a house of tranquility and peace.

Defogging Double Pane Windows

Cleaning becomes a daunting task with these windows. Double pane windows have a tendency to fog between the two glass panes, making it impossible to clean. Moreover, with time dirt begins to accumulate between the glass panes. Now, how in the world is someone supposed to get to the sandwiched portion of the glass and clean it. On calling professional window installers, they say the only solution is to get new window panes. Is there no way to get out the dirt, fog, or moisture from between double window panes?

For defogging double window panes, one needs a drill and ⅛ drill bit. Drill a hole in the upper corner of the glass pane. The hole should be big enough to allow air and moisture to escape. Now, moving diagonally from this hole, drill another hole in the bottom corner of the glass plane. The idea behind drilling these holes is to allow the trapped air and moisture to escape and clear the fog. It may take a day or two for the fog to clear off completely. Then, tape the holes and poke a few tiny holes in them with a needle. This will help air and moisture escape from then on.

Well, this was about fog, however, what can one do about the grime and dirt collected between the panes. We know that a layer of air is sandwiched between the two glass panes. This air layer acts like a seal, however, if there is dirt getting stuck in between the glass panes, it simply means the seal is broken. There's nothing much a professional can do. The window needs to be replaced.

Like any other product, these windows are not perfect. They do have their share of drawbacks. Replacing one window in the house with double paned windows will not help. To tap the benefits all the windows need to be replaced, which makes it an expensive affair. Moreover, if the seal is broken, repairing these windows without ruining them is not possible. Thus, replacement is required. Nevertheless, on weighing the merits and demerits, we find that double pane windows are worth the investment!