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Double Pane Windows Cost

Double Pane Windows Cost
Double pane windows, or double glazing, may cost more than single pane windows, but looking at the big picture, they are worth it. Read on to know the advantages of installing double pane windows and why they cost more than their single pane counterparts.
Avanika Mote
Did you know?

Double pane windows can reduce energy usage on maintaining temperature inside a house by a yearly average of 20%!

Of the numerous crucial elements in the aesthetics of the architecture of a building, windows rank among the highest. They are also the primary protection from harsh weather. Double pane windows, also known as insulating glass windows, are an ideal choice for houses where rough weather and especially temperature fluctuations are common.

The cost of double pane windows depends on its quality. While buying double pane windows, it's very important to ensure quality rather than an apparently profitable deal. Windows having defects like failed seals or improperly spaced glass can negate energy savings and can even lead to fogging owing to condensation between the panes. Defective windows won't conserve electricity, and in fact, may prove to be a bit of a white elephant due to the high repair costs.

The cost also varies depending on the brand. Anderson and Pella are some of the leading manufacturers of double pane windows. While the initial double pane window cost is quite high, it would be wiser to think of the long-term gains rather than the short-term loss, as you will be saving quite a lot over the years as the double pane windows save energy otherwise used to maintain the temperature of your house. Quality is the keyword to look for in these windows, even though it means shelling out a bit more dough.

Better grades of double pane windows with a wood frame cost around $500-$650. As mentioned earlier, the cost varies depending on the material used for the frame, the build quality and the style. For instance, architectural wood casement windows might cost you anywhere between $800 to $1,000. The average price of dual pane windows is around $200-$400. It also includes the installation cost, which may vary between $75-$150.

How to Choose?

Double pane windows come in varied styles, sizes and shapes. They also have certain special features that you can choose from. Double pane vinyl windows or wood-framed windows can reduce the consumption of energy by up to 24 percent in winters and up to 18 percent during the summers in comparison to the single pane windows. One must definitely take the local weather conditions into consideration while installing such windows.

  • Gas-filled windows with wood, fiberglass or vinyl frames are a good choice for regions with a cold climate. On the other hand, aluminum frames with air-filled windows would work well for regions with a warmer, temperate climate.
Make sure that the dual pane window has a special low-E (emissivity) coating applied to it. People who live in cold regions should opt for windows where the coating is applied on the inner surface of the outside glass, since this will help keep the warmth in. In warmer regions, the coating must be applied on the outside surface of the inside pane of glass, as such a configuration will lower the amount of incoming heat from the hot summer sun. Cost of double pane windows will depend on the style and size, and the special feature as well.

How Do They Work?

Unlike single pane windows, where a single glass pane is mounted onto the frame of the window, double pane windows are specifically designed using two (or even three) parallel panes of glass. Both the glass panes are held together with the help of a single frame that helps in securing the glass and separates them by about 0.5 to 0.75 inches. The space between them, called a spacer, can hold inert gases such as argon or krypton, or air.

The spacer helps in creating a strong layer of insulation which helps in maintaining the temperature inside your house. Simply put, double pane windows are designed to work like a thermos flask. During summer, when the hot sun needs to be negated, the windows keep the extra heat out and preserve the cooler temperatures inside. Conversely, in winters, the windows act like a blanket, not letting the heat escape.

Using dual pane windows in your house or your commercial space has many advantages over the other types of windows. One of the topmost advantages is that it does a great job when it comes to saving energy. Double pane windows have a higher insulating factor than the single panes, which is why they effectively store heat during winters and help in circulating cold air during summers.

Since sound travels much slower in air than in solid, the spacer in double pane windows also helps reduce troublesome exterior noise. This property of blocking noise proves to be very beneficial, especially if your office or house is on the busy streets of the city.

One of the few drawbacks of double panes is the failure of the seals, leading to condensation within the window. Also, it is important to note that replacing just one of your windows with a double pane version won't help much, although it will certainly make a difference, however small. A real measure of the advantages of double pane windows can only be gathered when a majority of windows are of the type.

Make sure you find the brand that offers the best build quality along with the maximum energy-saving capability. These windows are, admittedly, much costlier compared to single pane windows, but will help in lowering your heating bills and soon 'pay for itself'. Reduced usage of heaters and coolers doesn't just mean saving money, it also means that you are burning less fossil fuels, creating less greenhouse gas emissions and making your contribution towards helping the planet become a better place to live.
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