Double Pane Window Replacement

Mamta Mule Dec 23, 2018
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Replacing a double pane window is not as tough as it is thought to be. By finding the right replacement window and with a bit of know-how, you can perform the task yourself. Here's more about it.
Double pane windows have many benefits over regular one. These provide optimum insulation, soundproofing, and are great energy savers. Opting for these is a pocket and environment-friendly idea. Repairing them is tricky but not an impossible. Here are some tips that will make your task easier.

Remove the Window

Lift the nails holding the window using a screwdriver or remove them completely if required. Carefully loosen the trim using a pry bar. You might also need to remove the caulking and any other sealant from the frame using a paint scraper or a utility knife.
Now, remove the window carefully and place it aside. Make sure that you pack it right away to avoid any broken glass to fall off and cause injury.

Inspect the Frame

Once the damaged window is removed, check the entire frame. Remove the residue of caulk or other sealant that may have been left behind using a paint scraper. Check the frame to see if there is any damage. If you find any damages, get the frame repaired.

Replacement Window

Replacement windows are easily available in the market. You need to pick the right piece according to the type of double hung window in your house. Once you get the replacement window, set it in the wooden frame, tighten the screws properly, and apply the sealant and caulking.
Purchasing the right replacement window is the most important step in the entire procedure. Make sure you order the right size and type of frame. There are various websites from which you can order the piece at cheaper rates. Attractive discounts are available on wholesale purchases.
Providing the right dimensions, designs, and information of the type of frame you need is very essential. You can either stick to the regular transparent glass or opt for the stylish frosted one.
The trendy stained glass is also used nowadays, which helps in blocking the sunlight from entering the rooms, resulting in cool and damage-free interiors. The cost of the windows varies according to the type of frame and glass used.
Performing this task yourself will definitely save you money. However, if you are not confident enough, then get the help of a professional. Remember that maintaining the windows in the right way is essential to get the maximum benefits from them. Apart from the frame and panes, it is essential to have the sealants, caulking, and trims in place.
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