Ideas to Transform Your Dorm Room Into a Cozy and Picturesque One

Mubasherin Sayed Jan 6, 2019
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Planning to decorate your dorm room? Read on to know about some interesting dorm room ideas.
Many students are confused about decorating dorm rooms. They want to decorate their rooms in a unique way. However, they need to keep in mind a number of factors, like small spaces, correct furniture placement, etc. Let us take a look at some ideas, which will help give your dormitory a great look.
Decorating your dorm in the right manner includes many aspects, of which storage and comfort are the primary ones. First of all, you need to plan things out so that your estimation does not turn out to be wrong at the last moment.
  • Buy the things that fit in your budget, and do not spend unnecessarily on the stuff you don't need.
  • You can contact the school or college to inquire about the size of the rooms, and other things you might need like furniture, lamps, and kitchen appliances. You can check their website or call the administration department for information.
  • Find out which things are prohibited in the rooms, like some colleges do not allow candles, halogen lamps, and toasters. Find this out in advance so that you do not end up wasting time and money buying unnecessary stuff.
  • Contact your future roommate, and discuss your ideas and views with him/her to conflict later.
  • You can also shop online, and ask the delivery to be made directly to your school.
  • Make a list of all the things you will need in such a way that the basic requirements come first followed by the wants.
  • Research properly, and do not rush while buying things. Ask your friends and classmates about their options and what they planning to do. Compare the prices and the brands. Go for the best option, which fits your budget.

Ideas for Decorating

You can use themes to give your room a different look. Let's take a look at some themes for girls and boys.

Themes for Girls

Angels, Fairies, and Elves

This theme is adored by girls of every age. Use soft colors like light blue, lavender, or light pink with soft canopy beds, glitter, and silver paint with magical designs.


This theme will give the room a more sophisticated look. You can find fabrics and wallpapers of this design, and go for beige, black, green, red, and blue patterns on a white background.
There are many other themes for girls, like moonlight, stars, cottage, princess and castles, flowers, butterflies, and much more.

Themes for Boys

Rustic Cabins

All guys love outdoor adventure activities. You can include themes, like forest nature, hiking, boating, snowboarding, and many more to make it more exciting. You can use pine beds and flannel fabrics to give it a real touch of nature.

Race Cars

Guys have always been passionate about cars. This theme will suit every type of guy. Find a car bed, posters of cars, and car wall appliques for the walls. Now you ready to "ZOOM!"
- You can also go for themes like rain forest, wild colors, space, sports, and many more.
- You can include these cool themes in your decoration.

Comfort Items

  • Lighting plays an important role. You can place lights near the bed, desk, or chair so that you can study at any point of time and won't have to shift places every now and then.
  • A big rug on the flooring will give a pleasant look to your room, and will be useful for sitting or exercising on the floor.
  • Decorate your wall by hanging pictures, wall decorations or a collage. Experiment with colors and different forms of wall art. If you have a passion for painting, paint down some of your imaginations on the wall to give a unique look. Don't experiment with all the walls, and don't use too much black or your room might look like a vampire's cave!
  • You must have a comfortable place to sit, like a chair or a love seat where you can study, relax, or chat on the phone.
  • Use large body pillows useful not only for sleeping but also for extra floor lounging; so that you can call your friends over for a cup of coffee, or to hang out.
  • Use a mattress pad or a featherbed mattress topper for improving the comfort level of your bed.
  • Closet accessories will solve your storage problems, and you can arrange your stuff as you want.
  • Use baskets, bags or laundry hampers to organize and carry your laundry.
  • You can have a bulletin board, which is useful for notes, assignments, photos, and reminders.
  • You can also create a filing space where you can keep all your important papers in an organized manner.
  • A full length mirror would be good idea, so you can check your outfits and how you look in them. You can also decorate the mirror to enhance your room.
These ideas will give your dorm room a different and organized look. Use your own innovative and creative instinct and come up with a unique and beautiful room that others will envy. Organize your room by getting the right kind of stuff. Remember, no room looks good if it is messy.
So, concentrate on storage, or else your room will look cramped, with very little space to move around. You can set up shoe racks, closet organizers, and double hanging racks in your closet. You can store luggage and unwanted stuff under your bed. You can hang memo boards and hooks on your door. Buy things which are comfortable and durable.
Go ahead and decorate your room the way you want, and make it the place you will love to spend your time in, a place to relax, and a place others would love to visit.
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