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Dorm Room Decor

After dealing with the anxieties that haunt you while going off to college, choosing the right dorm room decor comes next on the list. Let's see how to go about it.
Puja Lalwani Mar 14, 2019
The thought of a dorm room evokes an idea of a dull, messy room, filled with books. Generally this is where you just want to crash, and not spend any time there, apart from sleeping.
However, for some, it evokes thoughts of a personal space, books organized in the right manner and lots of color and furniture, accessories reflecting your personal style. If you belong to the second category, take a look at how you can spice up your room from bare walls to one that screams about your personality.

College Dorm Room Decor

The transition from high school to college is more than just educational. It also marks a big leap in your life, where you finally have to start living on your own, and taking independent decisions. All this leads to a big change in your overall personality.
Hence, you have to design and decorate your personal space according to what you are comfortable with. If you like retro styles, go for it. If you like modern interior decoration and designing, choose that. The whole idea is comfort and personal taste, rather than mere trends. So, here are ideas for you to keep in mind while decorating your personal space.
Before you decide to get a unique decor for your room, ensure you have the permission of your college to make changes, and put up wall art. If you have a roommate, collaborate with him/her to come up with a style that suits you both. Once you have confirmed these, you are free to set about modeling the room as per your choice.


Appropriate bedding is an obvious essential.
  • In a dorm room, you are not likely to find, or be able to fit a luxurious bed. A single bed is perfect.
  • What you can do to spice up your bedding, is add in some throw pillows with some beautiful covers in colors, patterns, and fabrics of your choice.
  • Have your bed double up as a seating area. This is possible if your bed is tucked in a corner against a wall.
  • Add in a duvet to complement the colors in your dorm room.
  • Ensure you have a bed with storage, something that is most essential when you are living in a small space.

Study Zone

Yes, college life is supposed to be all about fun, but the basic purpose of being there is to study.
  • Whether you're a student of art or finance, you do need a small desk space for your laptop or desktop, along with some storage to keep all your study material.
  • If possible, get a corner desk, as it takes up much less space.
  • Ensure that it comes with a CD rack to accommodate your collection, or enough shelves to keep your books.

Wall Decor

You can fan all your creativity while jazzing up your walls. If you're having trouble deciding what exactly to go with, choose from some of these options.
If you are an art lover, put up your favorite artwork. It will be cheaper if you create it yourself. Combine and arrange 2-4 art pieces in an interesting pattern instead of putting up a single one. For instance, a zig-zag pattern, or a triangular pattern, or a slanting order will redefine the decor of your dorm room.
Mirrors are one of the ultimate essentials. However, you don't have to put up just a basic mirror. Instead, choose from a number of available options. A Victorian style mirror picked up at a garage sale, or a funky one, can adorn your walls. A well-known fact is that mirrors make a space look larger. If needed, you can use mirrors wisely for this purpose.
Posters are the most traditional form of decorations. Music idols, actors or role models generally make it to the wall of fame in a dorm room. While these are perfect for dorm room wall decor, don't just stick them up, use some colored tape to make a frame around them. Pin them on a pin-up board or adorn the bare space around them with other knick-knacks.
Another traditional idea is photographs. Nothing is more lasting and unique than special moments captured for life. Now we all know how we can make a collage or just put up individual picture frames to make a collage of pictures.
A unique way of putting the photographs up is to have a clothes-line, generally used for hanging clothes, running across a wall to clip up your favorite photographs. It also adds color to the ambiance.
While you may choose to put up just anything you think suits your walls, mind the color scheme and size of your room, and don't clutter up your walls too much. A dorm room is anyway never too large, and cluttering up the walls will make it look smaller.

Other Essentials

There are several other accessories that can further enhance the visual appeal of your personal space.
  • Lamps should never be overlooked. It is one of the essentials if you have a habit of studying until the wee hours of the morning. Pick a lamp that suits your style, with a funky, colorful lampshade. Opt for a floor-mounted one if possible. It's throw of light will be larger, and it will complement your room beautifully.
  • Every dorm room should have separate seating arrangements and a chair for the desk. Get either a bean bag, or a single, beautifully designed chair, where you can sit and read, enjoy your music, or simply daydream.
  • Rugs are perfect to add the much-needed color in a bland space. Place a rug against the base of your bed, and throw some cushions on it to double up as a seating space.
  • Another way of jazzing up your dorm room decor is to choose right curtains or blinds to adorn your window(s). Free-flowing sheer curtains, can breathe a whole new life into your dorm room.
You don't have to do everything mentioned here, nor do you have to do it all at once. You can do it over time and gradually transform a drab space into a creatively decorated one. Unleash your creativity and use these ideas to decide what suits your personality and choice best. After all, this is the best time to experiment and discover your own taste.