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Do Solar Screens Really Work?

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Sep 30, 2018
Solar screens are heavy-duty window coverings, especially used for reducing heat absorption and sun glare. Let's see an information regarding the working and uses of such screens.
When we speak about energy efficient homes, a lot of modifications are being made to save energy. To mention a few, solar cells are installed for deriving energy from the sun, which in turn is used for running various home appliances.
Also, depending upon the location of the house and its orientation, windmills can be erected to harvest energy from the winds. Relying on green and renewable energy is the main objective for maintaining an energy efficient home.
In today's scenario, solar screens are the latest craze among homeowners. According to proponents, they are more effective in energy saving than awnings and window films. However, many people aren't sure whether these actually work well.
Solar energy refers to energy derived or harvested from sunlight by means of photovoltaic or solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. This energy is either used directly or stored for further uses. The main applications of solar energy are heating water, running home lighting systems, heating, cooling, and ventilating rooms, etc.

Working of the Solar Screens

These screens are effective in reducing the absorption of heat through the window by about 80 - 90 percent.
Usually, they are made up of heavy duty woven mesh, and they absorb and reflect solar heat before it actually enters the room through the windows. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of these screens may vary from one brand to another.
The screens are more or less similar to the regular exterior ones that are installed in windows. But, they offer several benefits over these regular ones, in terms of heat absorption, glare reduction, and privacy.
They are ideal screens for both winter and summer seasons. In cold winter months, they prevent the escaping of heat from inside the room, thus saving energy that is required for heating. In summer, these screens block the sun's rays from entering the house and reduce the glare.
Solar screens are available in different colors and models. The darker shades are functionally more effective than the lighter colored ones. You will have a clear visibility while looking through them, except that the view will be a little darker.
Another benefit includes reducing the fading of furniture and other room components, as they block the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. They are insect and pest repellent, and are also quite easy to clean.
For a superior brand, the solar screen efficiency remains the same for about 30 years. Thus, considering several benefits of these screens, they are one of the most valuable investments that a homeowner can make. In case, you are planning to purchase solar screens for your home, then make sure that you opt for brands that offer a maximum warranty period.