Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Island Ideas

Mamta Mule Jan 9, 2019
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With simple and creative Do-It-Yourself kitchen island ideas, you can have a unit that is designed to suit your requirements and look the way you want. A kitchen island can be a nice addition to a kitchen that offers free center space. Let's see the latest designs.
Every homemaker would love to have a kitchen that is designed according to her taste and ideas. When you have a large kitchen, the same offers a number of ways to implement your ideas. Kitchen with basic furniture already in place, you might still wonder of adding something special to the area; an element that will rightly play up the kitchen decor!
A kitchen island that imparts a stylish touch to this area is a perfect addition to such a space. While there are a number of varieties available in kitchen islands for sale, you can consider opting for customized piece. With some island ideas you can start designing one for your kitchen.

Ideas for DIY Kitchen Island

Plan It Well

Start off the project by planning it well so that you have the best designed kitchen island gracing the existing decor. Consider factors like total space available, maximum possible dimension, material to be used, etc.
There must be enough of space left to move around after you place this furniture unit in center of your kitchen. Also, its height must be in line with that of your kitchen countertop. Try to maintain the uniformity factor as far as possible.
You can have a completely different looking piece that does not have countertop matching with existing kitchen countertops or color same as that of kitchen cabinets, the same must rightly complement the existing kitchen decor. Another thing to consider while browsing through various ideas and finalizing a unit is whether it must be stationary or portable.

Consider the Design Options

Having a unit that simply works as a kitchen island, offers countertop and added storage space below the countertop is the simplest design option. Closed shelves and drawers can be added. It can further include a small sink as well. This will truly be a stationary piece.
Another idea is to have a portable unit which not also works as a classic kitchen island but also works as a serving table. While you opt for a portable design, make sure that the dimensions are kept smaller. Also, ensure that the wheels are smoother and have a good locking system as well.
A kitchen rolling cart with storage offers a great option in this category. You can plan the placement of drawers, hooks and shelves according to your requirements. Making it designer style by opting for round legs and a round table top is a great idea.
When you have a larger free space available in your kitchen, the best pattern is a piece which works as a breakfast bar and offers a decent dining area. You can line up a few stools or chairs around it and have an alternate dining area right in the kitchen. This is also a good option for homes having larger kitchen area with no special dining space.

Building it Up

Once the design is finalized, it is time to get it constructed. Now you have two options, either go for a full-fledged project, wherein you need to get all the material and start working on the design from scratch. Well, if you are good at this task, then I am sure that you would love working on the most complicated design as well.
A good alternative to this is simply opting for a Do-It-Yourself kits. This also offers all those individuals who are not amongst the DIY enthusiasts, a chance to build a customized piece from the provided parts and accessories. You can also give your design plan to a profession carpenter and get the piece constructed accordingly.
With nice flooring, wall tiles, lovely backsplash, kitchen appliances, cabinets, and serving table already in place, addition of a well-designed kitchen island can further heighten the overall appearance of your cooking area.
Hope the aforementioned ideas help you design a great looking piece. So work on the plan, choose the basic design, add the essential elements and get ready to spice up your kitchen with this multifunctional unit.
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