Artsy DIY Ideas for Exotic Dining Room Table Centerpieces

Dining Room Table Centerpieces
If you are looking for ideas on dining room table centerpieces, then your search should end here. The article given below provides you suggestions on various centerpieces that you can use to make an exotic dining room decor. Read on...
Centerpieces are an important part of table setting, that give an elegant look to a room. May it be one for a baby shower, a wedding, Christmas, or for the living room or dining table, it should be designed with special efforts to make the viewer take a second look. Though they are mere decorative items, they can help you to set the required mood in the air. Moreover, they reflect your taste of art and creativity. Dining room table centerpieces come in a large variety and create good ambiance in the dining area. Given below are some suggestions and ideas on the same.

Dining Room Table Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces make great decorative items to spice up the mood of a room or festive occasion. You don't have to struggle finding the material for a centerpiece and can make it simply from the items available in your house. But to make a unique one, you need to be prepared well before time. Candles, flowers, fruits, pebbles, floating candles, beads, etc. are some of the popular items used for making dining room table centerpieces. You can also use a combination of the above given items to make a unique work of art.

To make a nice centerpiece, it is necessary that the holder is very beautiful and one of a kind. Transparent glasses, bowls, tall candle holders, vases, etc., make good centerpiece holders. Even a combination of these can give you a breathtaking centerpiece. Tall slim candles place on artistic candle holders, make good options for formal centerpieces, while a holder with mirror, broad short candles and pebbles can be used for modern centerpieces.

Making Dining Room Table Centerpieces

Beautiful Centerpieces

Cranberry Dining Table Centerpiece
Things you will Require
  • Glass containers of different shapes and sizes - 3
  • Cranberries (artificial or fresh)
  • Red colored floating candles
  • Red berry garland
  • Red food coloring
  • Red floral netting

This dining table centerpiece with its all-red shades looks great for a romantic dinner. This can also be used as a holiday centerpiece. To prepare this, first fill the three glass containers with water. Then place the floral netting at the bottom of any one container or all of them. Also, place the red berry garland at the bottom of the holders. Then add the red food coloring to attain the required red shade of water. Place the floating candles over the colored water and then add the fresh or artificial cranberries. You can also add petals of red flowers like rose. Then place the three glass containers together, at the center of the dining table.

Wheatgrass Centerpiece
Things you will Require
  • Wheatgrass seeds
  • Container
  • Colored Pebbles or Marbles
  • An elegant saucer/soup dish
  • Your precious time and attention

Wheatgrass centerpieces are a great addition to your dining layout. All you need to do is to purchase wheatgrass seeds from the food stores and sow them in a container with medium-leveled soil. Keep the seeds well-hydrated and expose the container to subtle light that provides warmth and not heat. Let the soil remain moist. The seeds will germinate bearing shoots that literally shoot their way up in 3 to 4 days. Pamper the shoots with a trim on an alternate day basis to keep them from tilting on any one side. You would be more than elated to notice your wheatgrass in full bloom at the wake of 10 to 12 days. Place the wheatgrass container in the saucer and decorate its periphery with pebbles and marbles of variegated colors. Keep trimming the grass every two days to have them exude freshness.

Decorative Centerpieces

Votive Candle Centerpiece
Things you will Require
  • Individual tart pans - 5
  • Decorative candle rings - 5
  • Votive candles - 5
  • Circular glass plate

This is a very simple make-ahead dining table centerpiece, that you can construct when your guests' are to arrive at short notice. For this, first place one candle in each of the individual tart pan. Then encircle the candle rings on each of candles. Place the candles in circular fashion on the glass plate with one candle at the center. Your dining table centerpiece is ready.

These were some ideas and steps to prepare simple yet elegant dining room table centerpieces. Take the help of above given suggestions or come up with unique ideas on your own and make a nice breathtaking dining table centerpiece.
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