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Dining Room Light Fixtures

Stephen Rampur Dec 16, 2018
The placement and type of light fixtures in the dining room largely depends on the mood that you want to create in this room. For a formal and sophisticated look you can go in for chandeliers, but if you are aiming for a romantic and casual look, then recessed lights are your best option.
There is a mood set for every room in our house, and a suitable ambiance can be created by arranging lights in a proper manner. The dining room of your home too has an atmosphere that can be created by using good lighting.
Here are some things to remember before going in for any type of light fixtures 

♣ First, decide whether you want to create a romantic ambiance or a family atmosphere in the dining room.

♣ For a romantic feel, set a dim light in the room. Such lights are mostly used in restaurants.

♣ Bright lights are fine if you mostly use the dining room for family meals.
♣ Size and height has to be considered to make suitable decorations with light fixture sets.

For a proper height for installing the light fixtures; you need to think of the size of table, room and it's height. Do not get the fixtures installed in a way that will make you or your guests feel uncomfortable. Also, size of the fixtures should not be very large.

Contemporary Dining Room Light Fixtures


Chandeliers, considered traditional are being used since decades. However, we do have modern designs now. They are hung from the ceiling with few single lights focusing on the center of table. They also work as focal points, to make it easy for other decorations.

Track Lighting

Track lights are meant for contemporary dining rooms and those wanting to use the latest of styling. They can be installed anywhere and be focused wherever you want. Owing to the light they provide, if you plan to install these; no other kind of lighting is needed.

Recessed Lights

Typically, recessed lights are those which are close to the ceilings and throw light on the whole room. These are good options if you have furniture and other decorations made in the room.
However, while installing recessed lighting, see to it that you do not get these lights installed too close to each other, to prevent unnecessary brightness in that area.


These are the best alternatives to chandeliers. Normally, pendants consist of just one light hanging from the ceiling, focusing on the dining table; whereas in chandeliers, there are many separate lights attached to one support.
These are few fixtures which are normally being used by people to enhance the beauty of their dining room. If you are not sure about adding lights to the dining room, you can always take advice from an interior decorator or designer.