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Different Types of Sofas and Couches With Pictures. Take Your Pick

Different Types of Sofas and Couches With Pictures
A couch is perhaps the one piece of furniture found in every home, from a dorm room, to the shrink's office, and everything in between. It only makes sense that there exist so many different types of sofas and couches, enough to dedicate this DecorDezine post to.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Couches and sofas are different, you know?
Numerous people these days use 'sofa' and 'couch' interchangeably, but there exist some fundamental differences between them. In the olden days, for starters, couches were used to lie down upon, whereas sofas were only meant to seat people. Even today, couches are designed without armrests and seat fewer people, as against sofas which have armrests and are bigger.
The humble sofa remains an unassuming part of your existence, seeing as there isn't a more useful and versatile piece of furniture ever created. Its uses are numerous―you can have a glamorous piece that instantly transforms your living room, you can have a cozy love seat which can also double up as a reading nook, or you can even have it large enough for your impromptu guest to crash on during weekends, if you don't have a spare bed.
Didn't we tell you? Once piece of furniture, and so many uses. So if you're about to go sofa shopping in the near future, take a look at these different designs and pick one which suits your needs.
13 Types of Sofas and Couches
Sectional Sofa
A sectional or a modular sofa is named for its versatile quality―it's made up of several 'sections', which can be arranged and rearranged at your will. The best part about the sectional sofa is that it can be as big, or as small as you want it to be, usually depending upon the size of your living room. You can move the pieces any time you wish to change the look of the room. These sofas are usually L-shaped or U-shaped.
Camelback Sofa
The camelback's name is rightly inspired by its design―this sofa comes with the characteristic hump-shaped curved backrest. The sofa is completely upholstered, with a stiff back and exposed legs, although its modern version may come with much shorter legs as well.
Chesterfield Sofa
The Chesterfield comes with a quilted or tufted design, usually fashioned out of leather. The arms tend to extend from the back, and are generally of the same height. As this particular piece was a constant in men's clubs of yore, the design was specially crafted for the men to be seated comfortably with their arms rested high―so as to no wrinkle their suit.
English Sofa
Another classic "club piece", the English rolled arm sofa was more casual as compared to the Chesterfield. It had a softer appearance, which only enhanced its comfort level. The other difference was that the arms were set lower, and the entire piece used to be tightly upholstered in fabric.
Lawson Sofa
The Lawson is a highly favored American design, ranking high in comfort. The Lawson's back pillows and seats are separate from the frame. The arms are set low and the feet are short and mostly covered.
Empire Sofa
Empire sofas are grand, with a distinguished air about them. They are wood-framed; but it's not any wood frame, this. An empire sofa comes with an intricately carved frame with exposed wooden legs that are as ornate as the rest of the sofa. The arms are curved, lending it an OTT look. More often than not, it is upholstered in velvet.
Tuxedo Sofa
The Tuxedo has a rectangular shape and a clean-cut design which is very minimalistic. Just like the Chesterfield, it does have some tufted elements, either on the arms, back, or seat.
Chaise lounge
The chaise lounge, a type of couch, is a rather stylish addition to most living rooms or bedrooms. Perfect to be used as day beds, one may even find these by the poolside.
Love seat
The name reveals it all, doesn't it? The love seat is essentially a two-seater sofa, just wide enough for two people to perch comfortably. Don't go by its cheesy name, though, as this is a perfect piece for smaller areas, or a classy addition to large spaces.
The settee was actually created by fusing two chairs together, to make one large-ish one. We do wonder why, but it looks really good on porches, gardens, and yards, so no need to think twice if you fancy one.
Mid century modern sofa
The mid-century modern may sound complicated, but has an equally simple design. It's a low-rise sofa with no fancy embellishments, and comes in muted colors. Throw on a few bright pillows, and it really livens things up in the room.
Eclectic is a rather accommodating word in the world of design. It's a perfect word to describe anything which amalgamates different styles and ideas to create what is a very unique-looking product. Eclectic designs are not mass-manufactured, which makes them expensive, yet classy for those who have an eye to pick the right piece.
Cabriole Sofa
The cabriole is a French-styled, petite sofa. It has an exposed wooden frame which is delicately designed, extending from the back to the arms. The back cushions are integrated into the frame, while the seat cushion can be removed.
Close up detail of pillow on sofa in a home
Cushions on sofa in the living room
White sofa with cute owl pillows