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Types of Recliners

Types of Recliners
Most recliners are designed keeping in mind the different requirements of people. And this article gives you some basic info on the types of these furniture.
Rajib Singha
A recliner is a piece of furniture that usually forms a part of the living room. It is similar to a large armchair or a sofa, but gives the advantage of being more comfortable to the user. As the name suggests, this type of chair allows the user to lower its back and raise its footrest thus, using it in a reclining position. The chair also offers the advantage of setting it to varying degrees of reclining positions; from being inclined at a slight degree to lying almost flat. Initially, this type of chair was not commonly used in homes, but with many design plans coming into the picture, it has become one of the most sought after piece of furniture by homeowners.
Types of Recliner Chairs
The Traditional One
The traditional recliner is a relatively less expensive deal than the ones which have been newly introduced in the market, but an extremely visually appealing addition to the interiors. This type can be adjusted in two-positions, that is, in an upright or in a fully reclined position. More often than not, it is made of leather. However, the total make is not of leather; only parts of the chair such as the base of the seat, the arms, and the legs come covered in leather. But parts like the outer side panels are made of vinyl. The best place in the house for this kind of chair would be one that can spare a lot of space. Otherwise, as this chair can be reclined fully, it can knock over something. This traditional chair provides a decent level of comfort to the user, and comes in an affordable price. But what one may not appreciate about it could be its limited styles, color choices or fabrics. Also, a warranty of a year may not be fancied by some.
The Rocker
As you must have already guessed, I am speaking of the rocker recliner. Given to its varied features, it is by far, known to be the most popular type of recliner among the masses. Given the heavy demand, it is the most widely manufactured as well. Unlike the above type, this piece of furniture provides an assortment of options in reclining angles, and the user can enjoy a rocking motion while seated in an upright position. The chair offers a wide selection of colors, styles and designs. The main selling point of this product, besides the comfort that it provides, is its 5 year warranty on frames, and a lifetime guarantee on itself. For budget-conscious people, it might be a little too pricey than the above one, otherwise, it is a good deal to go for.
The Wall Saver
For people who have a space crunch in their apartments but may still wish to enjoy some relaxed rocking time in a chair while reading magazines or watching their favorite TV channel, the wall saver recliner is the best buy. It is a kind of rocker recliner. It is named so because, unlike other recliners which require ample space, this one can be placed a lot closer to the wall. And still while being in an upright position, the user can rock back and forth.
Push Back
Another one among the expensive pieces of recliners is this one which is known as the push-back recliner. True to its name, the chair only reclines at the back. Given its total make that is of leather, it is more expensive. The styles and designs that this chair comes in, make it apt for a modern home. It is also called a push-back because the user has to actually apply pressure to make it recline. It is a good buy for people who do not fancy a fully reclining chair, but may not be the same for people with a budget-crunch.
So based on the working and basic feature of these types of recliners, there are other recliners as well; for example, a height adjustable recliner, one that can be adjusted at the push of a button, a recliner wheelchair, and a zero gravity recliner which is specially designed to minimize stress on the spine. So before making an investment on any of these, reconcile the features with your own personal needs and requirements.
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