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8 Different Styles and Types of Windows You'll Go Gaga Over

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 21, 2019
While building a home or decorating it, the presentation of your windows plays an important role. Here's taking a look at the different styles and types of windows so that you can make an informed decision while doing up your home.
Over the years, the types of windows have changed owing to the demands in architecture. The types and styles of windows depend on the material used in constructing the window and the way it is going to open. Choosing the right type of window will play an important role in determining the interior of your space.
Windows are an important part of your home d├ęcor. They can very much decide the feel and look of your home. Most of them are side-hinged windows or popularly known as casement windows. These are the easiest to open and maintain.
The styles and types of windows depend on their construction and built. Over the ages, as the size of the houses began varying, the types of windows grew in number.
It is very important to know the many types of windows because it helps in deciding which one to incorporate when designing a home. The materials used also determine the styles of windows. In what follows, we will look at some of the popular window types and their uses.

Casement Windows

These are the most popular type of windows. They are made up of one or two casements with hinges on each of its side. This window type is further divided into awning window and side-hung window. This type offers great ventilation.
Additionally, as the window gets entirely shut, it prevents any air leakage and provides decent noise reduction. However, as this type of window opens outward, it needs good amount of space on the opposite side. It is best suitable for exterior walls.

Awning Windows

This is another popular type that is seen on top of or at the bottom of the main window. The window sash opens outward, which allows additional ventilation. These windows were primarily used in schools and in manufacturing units.
The awning windows are operated with a hand crank, which just has to be twisted to let the air in. Simply put, awning windows are essentially casement windows that are hung horizontally.

Double-hung Windows

As the name suggests, this type of window has two panels. To open these two, you have to either lower, raise, or open them obliquely.
This is a very vintage type of window and is usually seen in places that are easy to reach. The biggest con in this type of window is that the center partition obstructs your view of what lays outside the window.

Single-hung Windows

Single-hung windows are basically the ones that come with two panels, but only one of them opens. The other one remains shut. Such windows are usually seen around in the kitchens. These windows usually open upwards.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have at least one part of the window that will never open. These windows are installed on a track that allows the panels to glide horizontally over the other windows.
These windows are usually seen in modern buildings that have big window spaces for a grand view and ventilation.

Bay and Bow Windows

The purpose of bay or bow windows is to add more space to your room. They bring in more space to the interior as they protrude outside from the side of your house.
The window panels can be a combination of fixed, double-hung, casement, or sometimes awning in type. These windows allow you to make extra seating space or a quiet corner for a garden at times.

Fixed Windows

As the name suggests, fixed windows do not open. The interesting part about these windows is that they can be shaped and made to suit any size of wall or design.
These windows draw their inspiration from archaic architecture. They sure have made a comeback in the modern times, as they provide the perfect frame for breathtaking views and adequate expanse for the light to filter in.

Special Shape Windows

We normally see windows that are square or rectangle in shape. However, windows that are differently shaped such as a circle, pentagon, or hexagon are called special shape windows.
These windows are usually used to highlight a certain feature of the interior or direct light in a special way; for instance, on a spiral staircase.
So, these were some of the different styles and types of windows. A window plays a very important role in a given space. It becomes a medium that can lighten up or diffuse the light within a given enclosed boundary. Thus, choose the type of windows well for a well-lit and well-ventilated home.